There was a fascinating study done a couple of years ago that hypothesized that dementia and hearing loss could be related. It found the connect could be true and that lack of audio function may be contributing to the decline in adults with dementia symptoms.

If there was anything that could show the importance of hearing for daily functionality, it was that study. Hearing can make or break your quality of living, which is why it is critical that we protect it for the best possible hearing levels as we age.

Here are five ways we can maintain healthy hearing.

1. Protect From Noise Related Damage - One of the most damaging things for our ears over time is noise-related damage. Loud construction or industrial sounds, concerts and even movie theaters can be enough to create long-lasting damage that gets worse with age. Wear protective gear when needed, such as earplugs and otherwise keep sounds softer when able.

2. Catch Infection Early - An infection can get out of control fast and lead to severe damage to the inside of the ear. The moment you begin having pain you should make an appointment with your doctor. They will be able to see if the problem is caused by infection or if it is pressure due to other issues, like sinus clogging.

3. Keep Swabs Out - Everyone knows you are only supposed to swab the outside area of the ear. But few people follow the advice and the number of people who puncture eardrums or cause agitation that leads to more serious problems is staggering. Keep cotton swabs out of that ear, unless a medical professional is doing it!

4. Make Smarter Choices In Audiowear - The earbuds we buy cheap from any store may seem like an awesome deal. But in reality, they can be too loud, uncomfortable and push on the insides of the ears. Likewise, over the ear headsets can also be too loud. Both can lead to damage so make sure you are choosing comfortable, volume adjusted earphones that are fitted properly to the inside of the ear.

5. Get Tested Regularly - You might not even realize your hearing is damaged in the beginning. Many people will go years assuming that the world is as it should be but that they are having trouble hearing because of environmental sounds. They might be missing the fact that damage and age are creating a progressive loss in audio function. Get tested regularly.

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Karen is a freelance writer from Utah and often writes about all things related to health, well-being, & home life. She has previous experience as a dental hygienist and currently works in the audiology industry. She hopes to offer information that helps others make simple steps to improve their overall health. As a mother of two, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family when she isn’t writing.