Pet care is more than just cuddling and playing. It can become a daunting task, especially for first timers. The more you try to avoid it, the more your pet suffers. To begin with, it involves three basic activities- pet grooming, feeding, and training. For beginners, pet grooming can be really challenging. When it comes to hair trimming, our dogs are certainly not our best friends! Nonetheless, you can take your pet for a grooming session!

We have compiled 5 secret tips that make pet grooming an easy task. Get ready with the best dog hair trimmer in India and follow these techniques one-by-one.

1. Use a bait
If you have kids at your home, you will notice that your parents coax them into eating food by offering desserts. Similarly, bait such as food treats can work wonders in pet grooming! It is one of the most popular techniques adopted by many grooming professionals. When your dog (or cat) behaves well during a grooming session, simply reward him with a food treat. Many times, your dog might run around while taking a bath. You can use words like 'Good Dog' and feed their favorite snack in exchange. Post bath session, you can use a dryer by Aeolus Cyclone Dryer for instant drying.

2. Choose the right time
Timing is the key for an effortless pet grooming. Dogs are generally cranky when sleepy. There are high chances that your pet might bite you while clipping his hair. Your grooming efforts will be futile despite using the best Andis dog clippers . Therefore, make sure you choose a time according to your pet. Take your dog for a long walk before the grooming session. Be extra cautious while taking your dog to a professional groomer. Dogs tend to get nervous and end having an accident. To avoid any mishaps, prepare your dog for the session.

If you are searching for dog clippers, our experts suggest Andis Pulse ZR II Cordless Clipper for better clipping results.

3. Groom in a quieter place
The quieter the place, the better your dog behaves. While this might seem trivial, but as a pet owner, you should be aware of the behavioral patterns of your pet. Many pets are sensitive to loud noises. They can get easily distracted by barks. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a quieter place for grooming.

4. Introduce your dog to the grooming tools
You should introduce your dog to all the grooming tools you might use. It might be a soft brush or an Andis PM-1 Deluxe Pet Clipper! Start by brushing the hair with a soft comb and if your dog reacts nicely to it then he probably likes it. Similarly, with clippers, make sure to clip gently to avoid any accidents.

5. Keep it short and simple
The grooming session should be as short as possible. We know it is not possible for first-time pet owners. However, with the time you can reduce the time span of each grooming session. Dogs might lose their patience and hence bite the groomer. To prevent such happenings, you should start grooming your pet when it is a puppy.

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