There are many reasons behind learning a European language like German. Some do it because they’re enthusiastic about learning a new language or culture while there are others who want to dig deep into the literature and read literary masterpieces. However, the majority of the learners are driven by their career goals and employment prospects. They feel by mastering the German language or acquiring expertise in it will open up several lucrative career avenues which are true to a great extent. We’ve put together 5 exciting career ideas for them.

1. Translator
In order to become a top-notch professional in this field, a job seeker need to have excellent command over the German language with the knowledge to appropriately use grammar and vocabulary in the sentence. Besides that, one needs to have experience or academic background in the field they plan to translate or on which areas they have the expertise (e.g. law, tourism, technology, healthcare, and so on). Freshers can also become translators if they have the knack and flair to put their writing skills to the test after pursuing a German Language Course in Kolkata.

2. Teacher
Teaching is one of the dignified professions and if someone is into imparting lessons on the German language, nothing can match the satisfaction and experience. There are many foreign language training institutes that hire non-native tutors in the German language. The demand is also there incorporate sectors where companies recruit them for training employees who’re into dealing with German clients as their jobs demand them to do so. For instance, those working as international marketing and sales executives and customer service agents.

3. Customer care executive
Customer service roles of just about every kind are always in requirement of more bilingual employees. The German language has a great demand in IT, BPO/KPO, and outsourcing firms, and those with the ability to speak it fluently can reap huge benefits. From receiving calls from the clients to speaking with them about products or services or conducting surveys and solving their grievances, there are plenty of tasks the customer care agents perform.

4. Web content creator
Utilizing German language skills in writing can do wonders careerwise. Writing articles and blogs in the German language as a freelance content creator or writer is extremely lucrative. If someone chooses to work full-time in the office can also turn out to be a good choice.

5. Tour guide
Working as a tour guide is a nice option for those who are adventurous, love to travel, and outgoing. They’ve to perform tasks like planning itineraries of German tourists, organizing and accompanying them for sightseeing trips, and communicating regarding the cultural diversity and heritage of India and other countries. With an influx of German tourists visiting India and other countries worldwide, choosing a career as a tourist or adventure guide is a smart decision.

The study of foreign languages such as German has attracted countless job seekers for its exciting employment prospects. Those who’re looking to go for them must become certified with a German Language Course in Kolkata. Hopefully, this article will give them a good idea about what kind of jobs they can expect.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance travel blogger, content writer, digital marketing specialist, and globe trotter. Prior to writing this article on a German language course in Kolkata, he worked as a foreign language specialist and researcher in a reputed university.