In the case that your spouse is acting a bit weird and it is making you suspicious. They go around smiling at their phone and hiding their screens. What do you do? Do you ask them for their phone so you can check it?

Well, they might not comply and just end up lying to you. This, in turn, might just lead to more suspicion and you dying to find out what is going on. Well, in such cases it is beneficial if you use the assistance of hacking apps.

There are plenty of hacking apps and spying apps available online, however not all of them are authentic. To help you out, I have come up with this article that consists of the top 5 free android spy apps.

Let’s check them out, the first free Android spy apps cheating spouse like Spyic.


Spyic is an Android spy app which has gained popularity due to its use of its unique cutting edge technology. Spyic has millions of users spread over 190 countries. Due to its popularity, this spy app has been praised by Forbes, Tech Radar, CNET, and even Business Insider.

This spy app on being set up will automatically remove the Spyic icon from the device. It consumes negligible battery life while syncing with the Spyic cloud. Spyic’s app size is just 2MB, which downloads and can be set up in less than 5 minutes.
Spyic is available on both Android and iOS. To use Spyic you are not required to root or jailbreak the target device. Even if you wish to spy on third-party applications like Facebook or WhatsApp, no rooting or jailbreak is needed.

The features provided by Spyic are monitoring of messages, contacts, GPS tracking and access to social media apps. Hence, you can easily spy on your spouse and their activities which they have been doing throughout the day on Spyic.

On an Android platform, you will just have to physically download the app on the target device. Then go to your Spyic dashboard and access any feature which is given on the left side. There is no need to root the target device, something which is not available in other apps.


Another way to spy on your spouse is by using Cocospy. This spy app has millions of users from all around the globe. Its praises and benefits have been mentioned by PC World, Tech Radar, and The Verge.

Cocospy is easily available for both android and iOS. For this spy app to function you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device. On being installed you can easily monitor the target device’s contacts, GPS location, call log, etc.

Cocospy is an untraceable, 2MB sized app which takes about a few minutes to download. It consumes negligible battery while syncing. The best part of Cocospy is that it doesn’t require you to root the target phone, even if you want to view social apps like FB, or Twitter.

To spy on an Android device, you will have to install this spy app on the target device. After being installed, wait for it to set-up and sync. Then go to the Cocospy control panel and you access any feature. You can easily spy on
your spouse from there and keep a check on them.

3. TheTruthSpy

This is one of the most expensive spy apps in the market. Its basic version costs more than the advanced versions of many other spy apps. The benefit of this app is that it allows access to social media apps and clicking of pictures from the target device.

However, if you wish to use TheTruthSpy, you will have to jailbreak or root the target device. Then only will the hacking app work. If cost is not an issue and you’re willing to do extra effort you can go for this spy app.

4. HighsterMobile

This spy app isn’t at the same level as Cocospy and Spyic, but it can be used to spy on your spouse. This app is undetectable as it deletes its app icon after being installed on the target device. It has powerful features like call interception, social media viewing and much more.
So if you wish to use HighsterMobile just go to their website, register yourself pay the fee. Then you’ll have to download HighsterMobile manually on the target device. After which you access HighsterMobile’s dashboard and monitor the device with ease.


This spy app is a bit discreet but can get the job done smoothly. To use this spy app you will first have to register yourself on the official website of GuestSpy. You can then use the cool feature this app provides, like Keylogger and Geo-fencing to spy on your spouse.
Well, that's all folks. Out of all these apps, we would recommend you opt for Spyic and Cocospy as they are the best in the business.

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