Being a homeowner; there are a lot of common habits which can take years off your reliable and expensive refrigerator. And surprisingly, many of those you may not even be aware of.

Below explains 5 common habits which hamper your fridge’s lifespan.

1. You Don’t Bother To Clean Its Interior Mechanics:-

Cleaning and maintaining the inside part of the refrigerator not only keeps your unit functioning properly, it also prevents unit malfunctions. Dust or dirt in the defrost drain, or any other interior part can overwork your unit and reduce its lifespan. You look to perform proper clean up 2–3 times in a week to ensure everything works as it should.

Wipe the door edges regularly and look for signs of breaks or tears in the door seals. Clean sticky spills, or food mishaps with a clean cloth. Also, organise the shelves properly to keep each of those ingredients safe and avoid food poisoning.

2. You Stuff Too Much Inside Making It Full: -

You come back from the supermarket with bags full of groceries, and then you cram them into your fridge and freezer. But doing so, affecting the small parts of the unit- even causing it to break, if undue pressure is applied!

Also, with so many items crammed inside the unit, it will make it difficult for the cold air to circulate properly. This will make your refrigerator run longer than needed, thus reducing its efficiency and lifespan.

3. The Coils Are Dusty & Ill-Maintained: -

In words of experts of fridge repairs in Parramatta: — You can reduce 70% of repair service calls by regularly cleaning your unit’s coil- every year!

With regular use, debris and dust can accumulate on the coils and disrupt the unit’s function. It prevents the unit from dissipating heat effectively, meaning its compressor will have to work longer and harder than needed. This will lead to shortening of its life!

4. You Have Set the Freezing Temperature Too High:-

Technicians offering fridge repairs in Sydney state: — the ideal temperature of the fridge should be set between 0 to 5 degrees in Fahrenheit. Anything higher than 15 degrees F will hamper the efficiency of the defrost thermostat. When this happens, your refrigerator will have to work excessively, and that will shorten its lifespan.

Furthermore, setting the wrong temperature also hampers the safety of the stored food.

5. You Don’t Bother To Change The Water Filter:-

Keeping the water filter clean and in good condition is always important. If you have a dislodged or very old water filter, then it can cause all sorts of unit problems. You may find the ice dispenser breaking suddenly, or even worse like making your unit overwork and leading it to its early demise.

Fortunately for you; quality fridge repair technicians have the skills and tools to detect such issues early by checking if the ice cubes come out small, odd-in-shape or not at all.

Refrain yourself from these wrong habits if you want to keep your reliable refrigerator working for long. However, there are some technical glitches that are beyond your control. And, if and when, they do come about, look to schedule an appointment with reputed fridge repair technicians operating in your area.

They will be happy to visit your place and fix it right for you.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a repair technician specialising in all sorts of fridge repairs in Parramatta. Being in this industry for so long and having repaired so many refrigeration units, the author also shares some DIY hacks on fridge repairs to clients in Strathfield and other neighbouring suburbs.