Moving your office to a new location is a big step for your entire company and the employees.

Along with this new development comes a lot of responsibilities which starts with packing and shifting your entire office to the new place.

Moving office is also like a project for the entire company to come together and execute. If all the employees strategize properly, execute the plans and work well with each other, the entire move will be a smooth transition for all.

While moving your office, there are a number of things that need to be checked properly from the beginning.

Here are some of the important things that you shouldn’t miss.


Plan According to Your New Office

You may just plan about packing all the furniture and appliances and take them to the new place. What many failed to plan is to check if moving into the new place is feasible with all these big items.

When shifting to a new office, make measurements of the new office and plan the arrangement of the furniture. You may be shifting to a bigger office and it may have a lot more rooms but sometimes, the doorway may be smaller making it difficult to carry the furniture in. Take into account all these factors in your new office and plan accordingly. You may need to hire some extra equipment to facilitate the move or you may need the additional help of removalists. Whatever the situation is, it is always better to be planned for it beforehand.

Getting The New Office Ready

Before you start the packing and relocation of your office staff, ensure that your new office is ready to move in. Talk with the landlord two weeks before the moving date to inquire if all the basic amenities like the water, electricity, internet, etc are ready. Check if the appliances like Air Conditioner, fans, lights, etc are all in good working condition. Keep communicating with the landlord and get everything ready on the move in date.

If all the connections have been provided, don’t take your landlord’s word for it. Go to the new office physically and check for the connections yourself. See if the internet connection is strong enough for your employees and if the phone connections are good. If not, make arrangements to get them rectified before the move in date.

Take A Backup of Important Files

As you move your computers and CPUs to the new office in vehicles, there can be chances of damages which may lead to loss of data. It is advisable to take a backup of all the important files in a separate hard disk or ask your employees to back it up in a secure cloud. If you have taken a backup in a hard disk or a pen drive, then it is best to carry it with you.

Allocate The Work

When you have a lot of employees, you can allocate some relocation work for each of them. It need not be something that is too taxing; simply packing the stuff on the table will also help a long way in the overall relocation work.

You can make someone in charge of hiring and coordinating with the removalists. You can provide the charge to someone in the IT team for making sure that all the required backups are in place. There will be no dearth of relocation work and you can give small work to your employees and reduce the total workload.

Inform The Change of Address

In midst of all this hectic relocation work going on, you may miss informing your clients or providers about the move to the new location. To avoid missing anyone out, make some time to sit down and create a list of all people who you need to inform.

Irrespective of whether you had told them in person or not, send them all a mail denoting the new address and date from which they can visit your new office. Also, if you have previously mentioned your address on websites and social media channels, make it a point to change them before the date of your relocation.


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Angelina is a regular contributor at The Independent.