Is your spouse on the phone for too long? Do you suspect they aren’t being honest? Are they emotionally or physically distant? Then chances are there might be a third person in the story. No one wants to be cheated on, but unfortunately it’s not a fair world. If you’re suspicious of your spouse and wants to find out if they’re cheating, without being caught yourself, then read on for some really important tips.

1. Check their phone

A person who is cheating is going to be overprotective about his/her phone. That’s your first clue. Honestly checking their phone isn’t as simple as it sounds. If your spouse is fairly tech savvy then they phone is going to be password protected and there may be layers of hidden files and conversations. So you need to get a little smarter as well. Try to get access of their phone when they aren’t around to check. Go deep into hidden folders, deleted conversations, trash folders, etc.

2. Hidden microphone or spy camera

This may sound something out of a sci-fi movie, but these things do work. Depending on where you suspect them to be cheating, either install a hidden microphone or a spy camera to find out exactly what is going on. This way you’ll also have tonnes of evidence to implicate them later.

3. Catfish them

If you suspect your partner to be one of those people with low morals and susceptible to fall for any other person, then testing them yourself will simply clear your doubts. Create a fake profile online and catfish them. Talk to them like a stranger, making advances in order to see how they react. If they fall prey to these tricks very easily, then you know for a fact where they stand on the integrity score. This is just one of the many signs your spouse is cheating on you.

4. GPS tracker on car

Fit a GPS tracker on their car to see if they really are having an all-girls/boys night out. Now the catch here is that GPS trackers are expensive and not everyone is handy with them. A simpler technique would be to follow them. If you thin k they are lying to you in order to go meet someone else, then maybe tracking them yourself would be a good idea to see for yourself how true the suspicion is.

5. Hire a Private Investigator

Depending on how severe you think the situation is, you can always hire a PI for cheating investigation. Snooping around and sneaking on people is a tough task, especially without being caught. Plus if you’ve got a smart spouse who is good at hiding these things, then you are simply going to end up frustrated without any concrete evidence in hand. So it’s better to let the expert do their job. A PI will go to the ends of the matter and get the information that you ask them to without putting your life or reputation at risk. Also, if the allegations prove wrong, you could simply scratch the whole incident off and start afresh and your spouse won’t even know you were being untrusting of them.

Catching a cheater is difficult and a lot is at stake. Apart from the physical and mental efforts involved, there is a lot of emotional trauma as well. Make sure you have your family to support you in times of peril. Remember, cheating is a choice. If they do it, it simply reflects badly on them; it isn’t your inadequacy. What’s important is to stay safe, deal with the matter and move on in time, regardless of the results.

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