From illness to inclement weather, there are many reasons you might be unable to get out of the house and exercise. However, you don’t have to let your gains deteriorate because you can’t hit the gym. Are you looking for exercises to keep you in shape at home? Here are five of the best ways to maintain your physique when you’re stuck indoors.
Body Weight Exercises
Did you know you can get in your workout without a single piece of equipment? Body weight exercises are a great strength training solution you can do anytime and anywhere. Try push-ups to tone your arms, planks for your core and squats to build your leg and thigh muscles. If you can’t get in your daily ride, try bicycle crunches for a full-body burn.
Pull-up Bar
You have probably spent many hours doing pull-ups, chin-ups and leg raises on a bar in your gym or local park. You can have a pull-up bar in your own home for a small cost and a few hours of installation work. For safety’s sake, never attempt to do pull-ups on tension rods like the one that holds up your shower curtain.
Home Gym
Why go out to the gym when you can have your own setup at home? If you have an unused spare room, a home gym is a great way to utilize that space. Incorporate a variety of strength training equipment like free weights, benches and plate machines for a well-rounded workout.
Strength Bands
Are you trying to put together a home gym on a budget? Strength bands are a very affordable way to tone up. These bands take advantage of resistance to help you get a muscle-building workout at a fraction of the cost of weights. They also take up very little space so you can exercise anywhere.
Lift Household Items
You don’t need special equipment to lift heavy. Everyday items that you have around the house offer a free alternative to weights for cash-strapped and busy lifters alike. Try a pair of cans for dumbbells, a gallon of milk for a kettlebell or a large sack of flour for bench presses.
Remember, safety always comes first when working out at home. Keep children and pets out of your workout space to prevent injuries, make sure equipment is properly installed and keep your phone in reach when working out alone. Maintain a stock of medical supplies like bandages and medications in case you get injured.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.