So the moulds and mildews on your brand new carpet are taunting your eyes and you can’t stop looking at them! Untreated dampness, persistent leakage or hard spills give rise to the formation of moulds and they start appearing as green, grey or white patches, demeaning the aesthetic value of your space.

Moreover, mildews cause severe health issues among kids and pets if not treated well on time. While you may be able to eradicate smaller patches of mould by yourself, larger sections require professional intervention. Whether big or small, mould tends to spread rapidly and that’s why we present you some expert-recommended tips to get mould out of your carpet once and for all.

Let’s take a quick look at the tools you need:-

  • Hand and Eye Protection
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Dustpan
  • Trash Bag
  • Antifungal spray
  • Disposable rags

#Step 1:

At first, ventilate your room and allow sunlight to penetrate. If possible, take out the rug and hung it in a clothesline facing the sun. While all moulds are not hazardous, experts offering carpet cleaning in Brisbane recommend taking necessary precautions by applying a facemask, taking eye protection and wearing rubber gloves before performing the task.

#Step 2:

If your carpet is too heavy to lift or remove, start by treating the uppermost mould-affected layers. However, you can also hire experts offering best carpet cleaning in Brisbane who can lift your carpet and check the underneath padding for traces of mould infestation. Professional carpet cleaners have years of experience in treating carpet moulds and apply pet-friendly bleaching agents to eradicate mould and mildews.

#Step 3:

Once you figure out possible traces of mould both over and underneath your carpet, start scrubbing the carpet fibres with a soft bristle brush to dilute visible mould spores. Rub them into a dustpan and discard it in a trash bag. Here, vacuuming is not a recommended option as it can further spread mould spores to the rest of your upholstery and infect your home.

#Step 4:

Now, saturate the mould-affected area using a good anti-fungal spray to ensure it doesn’t harm your pets and kids. If it’s possible to lift your carpet, spray disinfectatants both at the front and back for complete mould termination from your pricey masterpiece. Besides spraying on your carpet fibres, sprinkle the solution on the floor underneath the carpet padding and allow it to dry.

#Step 5:

Once your anti-fungal spray gets dried up, blot the residues with a clean and dry disposable rag to prevent further mould formation. Avoid using water or other solution to ensure the area doesn’t get moist and wet. Try to dry up the area naturally instead of switching on the fan, else, it can further spread mold spores and create new trouble. Don’t walk in the area or allow pets to interfere while your carpet is still drying as ‘active’ mould may get scattered.

Once your carpet gets fully dried up, you can ensure it’s mould-free. However, don’t take it for granted. Keep on inspecting your carpet every day or maybe for a few weeks to ensure there are no further traces of mould.

Last Words

Hope this piece of content finds you well. Follow the steps mentioned above and get a spotless carpet in less than an hour! If you find any difficulty in executing the steps, the carpet cleaning experts are there to help!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a renowned professional offering best carpet cleaning in Brisbane for a couple of years and keeps on educating readers about the effective carpet cleaning tips to make their carpet last for decades.