Mutual attraction is the very base of any romantic relationship. It makes partners want to spend quality time with one another and takes their relationship to the next level. However, many people fail in understanding some common and subtle signs of mutual attraction, which often makes them scared of approaching their crush and asking them out for a date.

Here are some common signs of mutual attraction that you should be aware of:

1. Reciprocity in conversations

This is perhaps one of the biggest signs of mutual attraction between two people. When there is mutual attraction, both of you will equally engage in conversations. It will not just be you interviewing the other person. Communication will flow smoothly and you’ll get answers that will keep the conversation going.

2. A special look

Seeing the look in the other person’s eye should be enough to tell you whether they’re attracted to you or not. If a person likes you, their eyes will be involuntarily focused on you. In fact, relationship experts claim that when two people continuously keep looking at and away from each other, finally looking into each other’s eyes, it is a clear indication of mutual attraction.

3. Curiosity

If someone is attracted to you, they’re bound to be curious about you. They’ll want to know you better, pay close attention to what you’re saying, and remember random details about your life. Therefore, if your crush suddenly brings up something you told them in the past during a current conversation, it’s a great sign that they’re equally involved.

4. Physical contact

Physical touches tend to happen naturally when there is mutual attraction. So if the other person touches your shoulder as comfortably as you’re able to grab their hand, it’s a positive sign to make your next move and express your feelings. However, it is important to let things flow organically. Whether you want to share a kiss or get more physically intimate, go with your intuition, slowly but naturally.

5. Blushing

Are you with someone who blushes uncontrollably every time you throw a nice compliment? Blood rushes to their face and they start playing with their hair. If yes, then it is a pretty clear indicator that the other person is equally into you and you should take things forward.

Understanding the signs of mutual attraction will help you lead a great romantic life. However, life is full of surprises and it doesn’t take much time for mutual attraction to turn into sexual attraction. Therefore, be prepared for action and carry a pack of Manforce Condoms with you at all times. This will not only allow you to enjoy safer sex at unexpected times but also take your romantic life to new heights.

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