As we are closer to the summer season I’ve started thinking about my appearance. How did it happen that my body is not so perfectly shaped. I'm starting with thinking about it, about how I can change it. What do I regret and what I’m pleased about. Many thoughts are dancing in my mind and I need to play the tune the way it all could make any sense. But, as they say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” I knew I need to move forward and learn from the past.

Living in a damp country like England, made me recently a bit damp too. I didn't feel motivated at all. Somehow my fitness motivation was getting lower and I was looking for excuses to skip a class or gym. I found out that with colder days I use possibility to travel by car rather than jumping on my bike. I exercise less and I eat more sweet food. I was a bit lost, not knowing exactly if this is caused by the weather, or not.

One thing I knew for sure. My body shape was changing day by day, so noticeably, that I sometimes wasn’t sure if the reflection in the mirror is actually me. Don’t get me wrong, I was recognising my face and I’m lucky to have a slim person’s figure, but somehow I let my belly to look like I’m “kind of” pregnant. As I do cycle three times a week traveling to work (if I obey my lazy mind), my legs are the strongest part of my body, but I don’t have the same power in my hands as I use to. It didn’t feel right, it wasn’t me….

I said “no” to myself and decided I need to change my thinking.

I wanted a plan that’s going to work for me. Some kind of a routine, but flexible too. I knew what I was aiming for, just needed a way to achieve it. Reading and watching different trainers and instructors, health coaches and motivation speakers, I came up with a simple 5 rules plan. It works with it’s simplicity and universality.

Rule No 1: Find your sport, by which I mean YOUR way to burn calories and sweat

People are social creatures and quite competitive too. Train with someone, a friend, sibling, child, trainer. As I have 9 years old kid with lots of energy, I had someone to start a challenge with. We’ve decided to start running every non-school morning, unless it’s heavy raining (but it was never raining too heavy). We’ve been doing yoga every evening before supper and signed up for climbing class once a week. When exercising at home (as there is no kids friendly gym in our city), we were coming up with different workouts, from HITT to cross-fit, 30 minutes everyday.
Of course the beginning was hard and I wanted to just snuggle on my sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a movie, but my kid was looking at me with his trainers on, so there was no choice. I’m this kind of person who believes in promises, especially if given to a child.
Then, day by day, week by week, exercises were our routine and I liked it.

Rule No 2: Fuel your body and detox it in the same time, watch what you eat
As exercising, for me, mainly means sweating, it burns the unwanted calories and we need to make sure that we don’t deplete ourselves. It’s important to eat healthy food and provide nutrients to our bodies. As my kids were very much involved into this idea, we’ve decided to exclude junk food from our diet. We’ve been on gluten free diet for over 7 years now, but yes we did eat chips, pizzas, sweets etc… Concurrently we’ve decided to abandon non-nutritious food during the week and allow ourselves small treats over the weekend. We’ve re-started making protein shakes and baking natural energy bars. I bought some supplements to ease the digestive system and to add necessary vitamins and minerals. Suddenly kitchen was a new playground.

Also I tried mixing fat burning supplements with protein shakes, not together...but.... before the workout I drank vitamin juice with Garcinia Cambodia (and you can find your favourite option here). After the workout, I drank a protein shake to help my muscles recover.

Rule No 3: Keep your promises and note your progress
It’s not easy to lose a belly fat within a week, but it’s possible to strengthen belly muscles to the point that fat is starting to melt. Stick to your routine, no matter what, for a week and you’ll find the difference. Have a weekly planner and put all your trainings there, so if you “want to forget” it, there is no way to do it, as it’s written down. You’ll feel stronger and more capable of in a short time. You’ll see small results, which shall let you feel proud of yourself. Appreciate it. Be happy, be positive. Even if sin happens, don’t stop, re-start, keep going. Kids are quite competitive, so we were writing down how many push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks etc we do. We were noting every step and could actually see the progress. It is a nice feeling, trust me.

Rule No 4: Invest in good quality clothes
It may sound strange, but you’ll have a better motivation if you put on your new running leggings, great and comfy trainers or never worn jumper. As you’ve already spent money on that clothes, you want to wear them. As adults don’t grow anymore, shoe size is not changing, it’s worth investing a bit more. It’s a strange feeling, but more money you spend, more you want to exercise.

Keep the bit on. Own a steps counting watch or speedometer, or heart rate monitor to keep the track. As humane brain is competitive, we always want to beat the record, and there is nothing wrong about it, you know.

Rule No 5: Get rest
It’s important to rest too, as our bodies need time to recover. We’ve decided to don’t exercise on Sundays, but we swim on that day. We go all together and have some fun in the water. Kids like splashing, chasing and playing water balls. And, of course, there’s always a small swimming race with my son and his daddy. I like having a bit longer mediation session on that day too. I think about my progress, my achievements and my future goals.

Six months have past I can can see a new me. I spend more time doing things with my kids. They are taking a challenge in longer planks or higher wheel stand. We're making it a healthy competition, with no wins and no loss. My body shape has improved. I still need to burn that stubborn belly fat, but now I know it’s possible. I have more energy and I sleep calmer. I feel proud of myself and happier. Routine is the key to the success.

I’m sure you can do it too. Just follow my steps and you’ll see that’s not that difficult.

Author's Bio: 

I've been having ups and downs with my fitness regime. I'm quite lucky to have a good metabolism, but being lazy put me in the "always pregnant" look. I didn't like it. I wanted to change it. I'm not highly motivated, so I needed something easy, simple, but showing results "thingy". I wanted to have fun it the same time too. I like searching, researching and then combining and remaking ideas. I experiment and see the effect.

This time, combining fat burning supplements prior to exercise and protein rebuilding after, is a winner. Of course, motivation, discipline and good humour is a must.

I've been watching motivational videos and have contacted private personal trainers online for their fitness programmes and they have kept me going. I chose the exercises I liked doing and the ones I hate but I know their do the job. Find your own way to enjoy the sweat ;-)

I'm a totally new person now and I'm willing to spread the enthusiasm around because we are all worth it.

Give it a try for yourself.