In this digital age with globalization spreading its wings in a big way, learning any language can really open up our career possibilities & empower us careerwise. Yes, that’s true. Proficiency in a language like Italian can work wonders for careers and add significant value to the CV allowing candidates to amp up their chances of getting employed by top companies and get their dream job which they always wanted.

So what to do after learning the Italian language or undertaking an Italian Language Course in Kolkata? There are plenty of jobs where fluent communication skills in Italian are necessary. But what if someone wants to utilize both their Italian speaking and writing skills? In this article, we shall discuss 5 great job options for Italian language learners.

Liaison officer
In this era of globalization where the world has been transformed into a small global village, we anticipate more collaborative activities from large MNC giants that may not only be culturally different but also linguistically distinct.

Liaison officers are expected to act as a representative of the company with their impeccable communication skills. From formulating plans to negotiating in meetings with senior officials to exchanging ideas, to coordinating activities they perform everything.

For example, two companies have decided to collaborate together on a large project. For this, each would send a liaison officer who would exchange ideas with their counterpart on matters like information sharing, scheduling, managing expectations, etc.

In order to become a successful linguistic translator, one needs to have impeccable writing sense in the Italian & English language with appropriate usage of grammar & vocabulary. It’s important to choose the genre carefully before getting started as there are technical, legal, business, medical, etc

Legal translators, for example, translate materials within the area of law. This includes contracts, protocols, decrees, decisions, depositions, even minutes of proceedings.

Medical translators work to make physicians’ diagnoses, treatment plans, patient information, and pharmacological instructions. They are mostly associated with healthcare, medicine, treatment, etc.

Tour guide
A tour guide is the one who can successfully bridge the barrier of language and overcome the cultural gap for tourists is a valuable asset. With modern transportation and technology making travel smooth and stress-free, the guide who speaks the language of their tourists will be the most in-demand.

Language trainer
There’s nothing as satisfying as teaching and guiding Italian language learners and help them gain proficiency in it. Those who want to become Italian language trainers after completing an Italian Language Course in Kolkata can work both online or offline. With the requisite credentials, they can apply for foreign language training institutes, companies, organizations, etc.

Product localization manager
Hired by MNC giants, a project localization manager is required to conduct product research and development and is responsible for labeling and marketing. A multilingual with knowledge in English & Italian language with the understanding of the sensibilities of the people is best-suited for the job.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article in an Italian language course in Kolkata, he also worked as a foreign language professor and researcher in a reputed university.