Are You interested in opening up yourself to talking to spirits. Are You willing to receive messages for yourself and others? Have You lost someone and wish to make contact?
When I do a psychic reading for someone, I know I’ve reached the connection with them when I sense their guides in the room. Sometimes departed loved ones show up. Usually they are just there supporting their embodied loved one. Sometimes they give brief messages like “I love You” or “everything will be alright”.
Here are 5 steps to facilitate communication with departed loved ones.
1. To start talking to the disembodied you first need to release fear about speaking to spirits. It may be fear of others thinking you’re crazy talking to ghosts, fear that you’re making it up, or fear that you’ll start talking to evil entities.
Archangel Michael can help You release your fears. All You need to do is just ask him, and he’ll assist You.
Another way to release fear is by understanding You are just communicating or sharing information with someone who is in spirit. We are all Spirit living in physical bodies.
You may also have to release fear of the word “ghost”, which often conjures up scary images from childhood. Or just start using the word ‘spirit’ instead.
2. Set your boundaries around talking to departed spirits where you’re comfortable. Just as in life you wouldn’t allow someone in your space who doesn’t respect You, so don’t allow ethereal beings to disrespect you either.
For me I’m comfortable talking to spirits that I, a friend or a client had a person relationship with when they were living. If I don’t know them or You don’t know them, then I just don’t want to interact with them. I guess that reflects on my introvert personality. If You’re more on the extroverted side, You may enjoy talking to every ghost that passes you by.
If a departed spirit crosses your boundary and you’re feeling uncomfortable You can call on Archangel Michael at any time to take the spirit to the Light. Or just tell them to go. I personally have only talked with loving and respectful spirits. At the first hint of a lost soul trying to make contact with me I send them to the Light. Of course, if You’re willing and the spirit is being respectful You can always ask what they want. Like I said, I’m more of an introvert and I just send them Reiki and tell them to go to the Light.
3. Sadness and grief about losing someone You love needs to be released in order to have clear communication. I’ll give you a personal example for this. I lost my Mom when I was 13. I wasn’t able to have a clear spirit conversation with her until I was 29. In that first easy communication with my Mom she told me that I had to let go my sadness around her being gone before I could hear her. My grief acted like a communication barrier. She said that my clear heart chakra, an effect of learning Reiki, was how we were able to connect so well at that point.
So if You’ve lost a loved one, take heart in knowing the more You’re able to let go and release them, the easier it will be to have a spirit relationship with them. There’s no set time around this. Just allow yourself to process your grief in a way that suits You.
4. The departed spirit needs to be forgiven to be able to express information easily. A lack of forgiveness creates a communication barrier just as sadness does. Here’s another personal example.
My Dad died when I was 15. He would come to me in dreams sometimes. I could also feel his energy guiding me in a very nonspecific way when I called on him for help. I have forgiven him on deeper and deeper levels over the past couple of years. He told me that the only thing that kept him from talking with me was my lack of forgiveness. Let me tell You , now he’s one of the most clear and direct spirits I talk with. Talk about specific guidance! It’s amazing.
5. Affirm that You are willing to talk with the departed. I know I used to see spirits all the time as a child. I shut the ability off because it scared me. I had to reaffirm that I am willing to talk with spirits who’ve crossed over.
So have fun talking with spirits. Enjoy the broader perspective they have to offer. Take comfort in the love that’s still there.

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