Understanding oneself plays a major role in ensuring that you make the most out of your
life. Things that trigger you to act tells more about you. For instance, someone who is
concerned about living away from their hometown, will not be persuaded to buy a cheaper
house in their locality. They will definitely buy a more expensive home as long as it is
further away from where they grew up. Motivation is simply the result you would like to
achieve with your action. Below we have outlined some things to look out for to help you
know your motivations in life.
What can you do without an audience
In life, you will find yourself doing a lot of things because other people think they are right.
For instance, choosing a career path, going to school or living somewhere because society
says so.
So, are you doing something because it is prestigious to your parents and most people?
Do people recognizing what you do to motivate you? If so then you can continue doing it.
However, if you are compelled to act by something inside you whether others recognize it
or not, then that’s your life motivation.
Something you always think about
Think about something that occupies your mind whether you are sleeping, working, sad, looking for math help services,
happy or bored. Most are the times that we are not able to capture what’s on our minds.
To have some clues on your life motivations write down somewhere regularly what is on
your mind from when you woke up until when you sleep. Master also the things that you
bring up in conversations or things that prompts you to join the conversation with
The most frequent or common things in your mind or conversation show your passion and
what will motivate you to do things?
What You Would Do Without Expecting Payment
There is that thing that you are ready to do for free. Though you can make a fortune by
doing what you love, sometimes you just have done it without expecting payment.
One of the renowned artists, Van Gogh sold just one out of almost a thousand of his
paintings. The fact that he loved painting made him continue doing it even if other people
didn’t appreciate his work.
There are other more people who do not make a living from their passion but they continue
doing it.
You want to know more about it
Is there something you find yourself seeking more and more about it? You are likely to
read more, remember and understand what motivates you than anything else.
So if there is anything that keeps you glued listening, watching or reading it also motivates
you to act. It is good to take note of what compels you to do anything and in turn,
influences your expected result.
Something that is present in your life’s best moments

Reflect on some of the times that you felt extremely fulfilled. For instance, achieving
something you have wanted all your life or landing a dream job. What were your
reactions? what did you do? Did you help those in need or just wrote something?
You can make a list of the things you did during these moments and see if there are any
similarities. If you get a single thing that you did frequently then find a way of doing it and
see whether you lave it.
Though some motivation factors will remain constant throughout your life others will adjust
with age or time. While you might have been motivated by success as a youth, traveling
can motivate you in old age. You should be able to recognize your motivations in different
stages of life.

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