Nowadays, educating a child is quite a difficult task for the parents as they do not have much time to teach them by themselves. Many parents delegate this responsibility to the coaching or tuition centres. One such option to them is a home tutor, where a teacher provides teaching services to the student at the comfort of their homes. It is easy to become such a tutor, one may search on Google for something like Teaching Jobs in Pune at and can enrol themselves in such websites.

Most parents prefer to opt for home tutors because they can easily keep an eye on both the student as well as the tutor and can take proper feedback from both of them about each other. With the development in technology, it has become quite easy to find the best home tutors for children as one can easily Google Tuition Teacher in Pune at However, parents are still not completely satisfied with the search list as there are certain traits that they as parents look for in a home tutor.


If a parent is seeking someone who can teach their child, they would want that person to be qualified enough to be specialised in the subject matter. They check upon the complete educational qualifications of the tutor and also how thorough he/she is with the subject. They try to find someone who has graduated in the same field as they are looking for their child.


Parents will not just leave their child to any random person who has some fancy degree in the subject area. They make sure the tutor is verified and confirm his/her identity by asking for the valid id proof. They also run a background check of the person and identify the kind of person he/she is. They also verify that the tutor has not lied on his/her resume about the educational qualifications.


Parents ask about the tutor’s previous achievements. They can entrust their child's future concerns freely in the hands of the person who has already helped his/her students in getting good grades in the respected subject. With experience, the communication skills of the tutor also improve, and they can easily persuade the student to perform better.


An excellent tutor is hard to find, but he/she is even harder to appoint as the fees charged by good tutors are quite high. Parents always want the best for their child, but they also have to make sure that the fee the tutor charges fits into their budget.

5.Attitude and Patience:

Patience is the virtue of teaching as some of the students take their own time to learn something. The tutor must be patient as well as passionate towards his work so that he/she can contribute fully towards the student. Parents prefer a tutor that can efficiently analyse the needs of their child and should create an individual approach towards him.

Home tuitions are a good start for our education system as they help children to grow and learn things easily, but a tutor must possess certain qualities to deal with the child's future.

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