Develops and Continuous Delivery hones empower consistent forms sent to our inside or beta testing platform. It's basic to deal with the adaptation and assemble quantities of iOS applications. As a best DevOps hone, iOS groups ought to be every now and again discharging another variant, i.e. showcasing rendition, to the App Store, and making numerous forms for every adaptation before presenting an application to the App Store. The discharge may have diverse forms with various highlights. It's essential to deal with the manufacture numbers and additionally form quantities of iOS applications keeping in mind the end goal to ensure we are shipping the correct rendition of the work to the App Store. In this post, we will perceive how to utilize the agvtool summon line utility to deal with the rendition and manufacture number of our xamarin certified mobile developer
iOS applications.

Form and Build Numbers

Before plunging into agvtool, how about we comprehend the form and assemble number of iOS applications.

Rendition Number

Fundamentally, the adaptation number is the advertising number for the application, which is the number appeared to your application's users. It recognizes a discharged variant of your application. It is put away in your application's Info.plist as CFBundleShortVersionString (Bundle renditions string, short).

Manufacturer Number

The construct number distinguishes an unreleased or discharged form of your application. It is put away in your application's Info.plist as CFBundleVersion (Bundle variant) . We can make various forms for a particular rendition.


agvtool is a charge line apparatus comes that enables you to consequently increase these numbers to the following most astounding number or to a particular number. This device accompanies Xcode charge line devices and can be specifically gotten to from the xcrun utility.

Presently we will perceive how to utilize agvtool on a genuine iOS application. So as to do that, we should make a solitary view iOS application called "agvtool-Demo" in Xcode. There are several things we have to guarantee before we begin utilizing agvtool from the charge line:

Empower The Agvtool And Forming Framework

Handicap/Enable Source Control Setup

We Will Perceive How To Set It Up In Xcode.

Empower Agvtool

With a specific end goal to empower agvtool, we have to ensure we have Current Project Version and Versioning framework properties set effectively in the objective form settings. Select the objective form settings and look for "forming." Now set Current Project Version to 1 and Select the Versioning framework incentive to "Apple Generic."

Next thing to confirm is that ensure the Info tab has Bundle forms and Bundle variants string, short esteems are likely set to 1 for the new task.

Impair/Enable Source Control (Cvs, Svn

The agvtool will roll out developments in a few documents inside the Xcode venture when it changes the form or fabricate number. We can confer those progressions to source control on the off chance that we utilize CVS or SVN. No compelling reason to stress over these settings in the event that you are not utilizing SVN or CVS. Naturally conferring the progressions to CVS or SVN are ON, nonetheless, we can handicap that setting by running after charges:

Presently, we have done all the setup to utilize agvtool from the order line. We will see a couple of helpful orders that we utilize oftentimes. We have to run the agvtool summon from the base of the undertaking where your .xcodeproj record is found.

We can likewise indicate the particular estimation of the fabricate number utilizing the order, e.g. on the off chance that we need to set the assemble number to 3.2, at that point we can do that with the accompanying order:

Note that when we refresh the adaptation or assemble number esteems, it changes the in the Info.plist document or .xcodeproj record. We need some source control framework to submit the progressions over into the source control.

Different Options

Starting at now, we have seen that we can utilize Apple's native order line apparatus to deal with the rendition and construct numbers, notwithstanding, there are some other outsider devices like Fastlane which can likewise do a similar thing. Fastlane has activities to increase both the fabricate and form number. The increment_version_number activity can be utilized to increase form number, which has different choices too. We can knock to a noteworthy or minor variant, and we can indicate the adaptation number.

There are various alternatives to deal with the construct and form numbers however these activities additionally utilize agvtool to every one of these progressions.


Apple's native order line devices, as agvtool, can give you control over the variant and assemble quantities of iOS applications. It takes a tad of scripting to oversee everything from the source code, i.e Infrastructure as Code, for xamarin certified mobile developer iOS applications instead of depending on outsider structures. I trust you delighted in this post; don't hesitate to impart your encounters to utilizing agvtool

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