Do you only want the very best on your wedding day and remember this nicely? Or do you prefer to save and can the photographer be a beginner? Once you have made the decision to get married, an exciting time is coming; “Where do we actually want to get married? Which wedding locations do we know? Do we want everything near our place of residence, somewhere in the Washington DC or do we go completely crazy and do we go abroad? How much money do we actually want to spend and can we still stretch the budget?

It is wise to reserve part of your budget in time for good photography. There are currently thousands of photographers in Washington DC who can click your wedding and to prevent you from regretting it afterwards, it is very important that you pay close attention to a number of things. You can't redo your wedding day.

1. Start on time

It is terribly unfortunate, we regularly have to disappoint wedding couples who 'want to arrange a photographer 3 months before the wedding. On Wedding photographers in Washington DC are booked 1 to 2 years before the wedding day. Despite the fact that they have a whole team of photographers.

2. Do you like the photos?

The images that you receive after the wedding serve as the most important memory support. Without beautiful images the day will remain less beautiful in your memory than it actually was. You really want to capture the feeling of that day and be able to get it back whenever you want. Feeling just like you again then with the nicest people around you who may not be around later.

As a photographer, it's hard to tell a whole story with a few photos, so most wedding photographers in Washington DC can show you multiple demo albums of real weddings in which you can see exactly what the images of an entire day will look like.

3. Also inquire about practical matters such as backups

For example, what happens if the photographer were sick on your day? How is the possible replacement arranged and is this also a good photographer? How do you know for sure? How are the files saved? Does the photographer have a good backup structure that can withstand a flood or fire? Suppose the photographer's building is completely burned down while your photos have not yet been delivered.

4. Is the photographer a professional?

Is it a specialized wedding photographer? Does he know where he should be at what time and how much experience does he / she have with weddings? A studio photographer may be able to make great images in the studio, a specialized wedding photographer in Washington DC is used to working in all kinds of locations, poor lighting conditions and very little preparation time.

5. Has the photographer been to the wedding location before?

Should we watch together? Nope, it doesn't matter to a seasoned wedding photographer whether he / she has previously worked at a certain location. A good wedding photographer is is inspired by what he / she comes across. A new environment can provide a lot of inspiration with new super cool images as a result.

If you pay attention to these points before choosing the wedding photographer, you can look back on that beautiful wedding day with great pleasure years later!

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Misty Jhones