Autumn is the time of the break-in. November and December bring us not only the anticipation of Christmas but also the highest burglary rate in the entire year. Especially in the late afternoon, when the sun has already set but you are still sitting at your desk in the office, the risk of break-ins in your apartment or home is particularly high. But with these simple tips, you can protect yourself effectively against burglars.

1. Windows and doors are the most popular weak points

Poorly secured windows in the courtyard or on the balcony, as well as house and apartment doors, are still the most popular break-in points. It doesn't have to be. Because mechanical security devices such as lockable window handles or additional door locks do not cost much, can be easily ordered in all home improvement stores and via the Internet and should be part of the standard equipment in the household. It is important to check that all windows and doors are closed before leaving the apartment, otherwise it will be easy for burglars.

2. Check lighting

Thieves feel particularly at home in the cover of darkness. They are rarely spotted by neighbors and can get in and out of their home undisturbed. Motion detectors in the courtyard, in large hallways and in winding corners can help.

3. Security systems provide comprehensive protection

With home security systems such as the intelligent camera FLARE from BuddyGuard, which independently detects faces and noises and can decide whether or not there is a danger, your own apartment is safe from uninvited guests. You can take a look into the living room at any time using a smartphone app, and in the event of danger, a local VSU security service is even notified.

4. Do not leave valuables lying around

A laptop and a valuable watch that can be viewed from the street through the wide living room window - a welcome invitation for all burglars. You should be aware that no apartment is 100 percent burglar-proof. However, potential thieves should not be additionally lured by the fact that valuables are openly presented. These are best stowed in a lockable desk compartment, a safe or a safe deposit box.

5. Be especially careful when on vacation

If you are planning a longer vacation, you can ask friends or neighbors to check on your home from time to time. Professional burglar gangs usually observe houses and entire streets in advance for a certain period of time before they become active. Sometimes it is enough for a friend to get the mail from the mailbox in the afternoon and turn on the light in a room for a few minutes. This is a signal that your own home is not unprotected.

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