Taking care of a puppy is just like taking care of a child. From feeding them to making sure they go to the bathroom, puppies are a huge responsibility. And while all puppies need tender loving care teacup puppies need even more attention. Teacup puppies are incredibly small dogs that are far more fragile than a sturdier breed. In fact, some teacup puppies are smaller than a chihuahua. So, how exactly do you take care of something so small? Here are five tips for pet owners caring for teacup puppies for the first time.

Use Food Specifically Made for Smaller Breeds

With how tiny teacup puppies are, you need to be extra cautious of what food you give to them. They should only eat food that is made for smaller breeds of dogs. Because they have such a high metabolism, their food needs to be full of nutrients specifically tailored to their needs. Food that is made for larger dogs should never be given to teacup puppies. Look for kibble made particularly for smaller breeds.

They Need to Be Given Attention

As with any kind of pet, teacup puppies need attention. You can’t expect dogs, especially puppies, to entertain themselves for too long. You need to play and train your pup. But playing with a teacup puppy is not like playing with larger pups. You need to pay close attention that you aren't too rough when playing. You also need toys that are suited for your pup's small stature.

They Don’t Require Much Grooming

Because of how small they are, teacup puppies don’t require as much maintenance as regular dogs. Granted, they still need to be groomed to some degree. Teacup puppies can be lightly brushed to get rid of excess hair and be bathed in a sink. You should be mindful of what type of doggy shampoo you use as it can irritate their skin.

They Don’t Require a Lot of Exercise

When you’re looking for puppies for sale, teacup puppies are a good option for those who don’t want to be going for long walks to the dog park regularly. Although dogs of any size need some form of physical stimulation, teacup puppies don’t need as much as a Newfoundland would. There are many ways to give your puppy the appropriate amount of exercise. It can be going for a walk around the neighborhood or playing with them for 30 minutes. Just remember to not push them so hard as their little bodies can only take so much.


All puppies need naps, however, teacup puppies need even more downtime than most. As important as it is for proper exercise, being so small can really take it out of your pup. Make sure you set aside ample naptime, so your puppy isn’t constantly fatigued from playing. This can include simply putting them in their crate with a bone, a toy or soft blanket. Or, you can give them a doggy bed and train them to go there on command.

Taking care of a teacup puppy is a little different than taking care of any other dog. Be sure to remember these tips when you take your new small, furry friend home.

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