Sometimes it seems like saving money is impossible, and it is easy to get discouraged. If you run out of money before you run out of month, you may wonder how you will ever make ends meet, let alone save for the future.

Even so, there are strategies you can use to put more money aside and build your savings faster. Here are five simple tips to get you started.

#1. Get Out of Debt

You cannot start to build your savings until you first remove the drains on your money. There is no greater money waster than high-interest credit card debt, so make extra payments whenever you can and allocate any extra money to your debt repayment program.

The faster you get out of debt, the easier it will be to build your savings. Once your credit card debt is a distant memory, you can continue to make those payments - to yourself. Paying yourself first is a time-proven strategy, but it all starts with eliminating your debt.

#2. Pay Yourself First

Instead of investing the money you have left at the end of the month, turn the process around and pay yourself first. Whether it is $5, $50 or $500, treating your savings as just another bill is a smart thing to do, and you will be surprised at how quickly the money adds up.

You can implement the pay yourself first strategy in a number of different ways. If you have access to a 401(k) plan at work, sign up and invest 1% of your paycheck. Over time, you can ramp up those savings and build your wealth even faster. If you do not have a 401(k), you can simply transfer money from your checking account to your savings every payday.

#3. Seek Out Higher Rates

Seeing your savings grow is its own reward, and seeking out higher rates will give you a real sense of satisfaction. Banking is more competitive than ever, and that is good news for customers with money to save.

If you look around, you can find checking and savings accounts paying five or even 10 times the national average. You do not have to settle for substandard rates - with some smart shopping, you can grow your money faster than you thought possible.

#4. Bank Your Raises

Instead of ramping up your spending when your boss gives you a raise, try banking that money instead. Take a small portion of the money and treat yourself to something nice, then put the rest in the bank or your favorite investment.

#5. Put Your Savings on Automatic

Automating your savings is one of the best, and most effective, ways to save more. There are countless ways to automate your savings and investments, from setting up a monthly transfer to your favorite mutual fund to allocating a portion of your direct deposited paycheck to a money market or savings account.

Even if you think you have no money to save, it is important to get started. The sooner you start saving and investing, the more quickly it will become a habit. Like all habits, the propensity to save will become ingrained over time, and that is good news for you and your financial future.


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