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With the stiff competition among restaurants, it is imperative to come up with marketing strategies that work. The following ideas therefore can be such a huge help:

1. Use the power of subliminal message in advertising. A lot of experts believe that subliminal messages are ineffective in marketing. For me not completely. Just imagine the effect of "Just Do It" of Nike. Every time you come across the line, what do you remember? Yes, Nike!

The main use of the subliminal messages is to get into the subconscious mind of your customers. Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious does not filter information. Thus, your catchphrase, logo, or even your unique choice of colors stick into your customers' minds. It is easier for them to associate anything that resembles close to your logo or catchphrase to your restaurant.

2. Know what your competitors are doing. They say there is no other strong competitor than yourself. But that does not completely reflect the truth. You still have to mind your competitors, as one of the reasons why you are doing marketing is to beat them. Besides, doing so will allow you to discover new ideas on how to market your restaurant.

3. Consider e-mail marketing. Do you know that every Internet user has at least one active e-mail address? It means you can communicate to thousands of your customers via this method. One of the advantages of e-mail marketing is it is cheap, and as long as you can provide excellent information to your readers, it is definitely going to be read.

But how do you make it more enticing? First, ensure your title does not sound “spammy.” You can also inform your customers or prospects to save your e-mail address in their white list, so your e-mails do not end up in the Spam or Junk folder. Of course, you need to focus on the content. Normally, e-mails that carry promos or discounts are read the most. But you may also want to educate your customers, especially about menus, what your restaurant is about, or where you are located.

4. Set up a website. You can also utilize e-mail marketing with your other online marketing techniques. One of these is creating your own website. A lot of people prefer restaurants that have their own websites, since it saves them a lot of time. They can determine if the restaurant is worth going to based on the content of your website.

Nevertheless, it is important your website is completely functional. Consider putting a reservation form so guests can skip calling. You can also upload your menu or offer the guests the chance to select the meals they prefer.

5. Provide exceptional customer service in your restaurant. One of the marketing strategies that are often ignored by restaurant owners is this. Nothing still beats the word of mouth, but customers would be more than happy to recommend your resto only if they love their experience. Make your customers happy, and profits will follow.

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