Coin Master is a hit on mobile (also on Facebook). There are millions of players who have been playing this addictive title for months and months, but you may have just begun. Coin Master is a game that, while easy to understand, is very difficult to control. Here are some tips and tricks for Coin Master Free Spins that will help you be a better player. They'll be great if you don't know the game too much.

What tricks can you apply in coin master?

They are simple and easy to carry out, but require your time to apply them as well as your desire to be the best.

Watch all the advertising videos you can

Like all games of this type, getting coins is important and Coin Master uses videos so you can get them. Every time you watch a video Coin Master makes money but you earn coins with this action and it costs you nothing (beyond the time spent). Watch all the promotional videos you can and that will allow you to get more spins to get coins. It will also be a way for game developers to earn money if you are not going to pay for the packs you can buy with real money.

Quickly create your card collection

Coin Master allows you to create a collection of letters and it is best to do it as soon as possible while connecting your account with Facebook. Both things will allow you to get many more coins and benefits as you make progress in the game. If you are going to take the game seriously this is important, because connecting the account to the social network gives you many advantages that a standard player will not have.

Take advantage of the events, they don’t last too long
There are lots of events and temporary offers at Coin Master, all of which are available for a limited time in the game. We do not recommend spending money on the game but, if so, take advantage of promotions and do not buy without promotion (you will lose money if you do it this way). In turn, take advantage of all events, as they allow you to get more benefits than usual. Focus on everything you put into events to make the most of your game hours.

Do not take breaks or wait between runs

Many people will believe that playing too many hours at Coin Master is useless but that is not true. There are times when building things in your town will take too long but that is not the time to leave the game aside and wait for them to complete. Why? When you leave the game you can only be attacked by other players and lose all your possessions, which instead of moving back you go back. In Coin Master, you must always be alert.

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