Have you ever thought, "If only I could know that the decision I'm making is the right one for me." Actually you do have a way to know - it's your intuition. Your intuition is possibly the best friend you'll ever have. Even when you are not sure of it, it's there for you.
So how do you acquire trustworthy intuition? It's actually easier than you think. Apply the following ideas and soon you'll have it.

1) Express Gratitude
As you express your gratitude you open the way for more reasons to be grateful. You also develop trust with your Inner Self, making it possible for you to trust intuition. Gratitude opens you up to paths that enrich and support you at your deepest levels.

2) Be Truthful With Yourself
When you tell yourself the truth your connection to your Inner Self is clear, allowing intuition to flow. Everything is so much better when you are in touch with your Inner Self. You don't experience the angst and turmoil of not trusting. Opportunities appear and key people show up in your life to guide you. When you speak your truth, your subconscious listens in and is only too happy to reflect your truth through people and circumstances in your life.

3) Be Truthful With Others
Not only is it important to be truthful with yourself, it's just as important to be truthful with the people you deal with. Use common sense. This does not mean you have to reveal personal things about yourself or others. Yet it does mean that when someone asks for your honest opinion you give it. When asked a simple question you answer as truthfully as you can without diminishing you or the other person.

4) Refrain From Jumping On the Negativity Bandwagon
Sometimes, an attempt at small talk involves speaking negatively about the state of the world, or the current political party in power. Should you find yourself on the end of negative talk, do what you can to guide it in a different direction. Your Higher Self is not interested in slamming anyone and your internal computer will give back to you what you've allowed into it. For more joy and excellent intuition, counteract negativity with positive intentions and speech.

5) Take Time For You
Do you think, "If only I had more time in the day I could do something for me." You don't need a lot of time to meditate, reflect or contemplate. While it's nice to be helpful to others, you need to take time for you. In not doing this you are broadcasting on subtle levels that you are not deserving. Of course you deserve all the good that is meant for you. Have you been told it's selfish to do nice things for yourself? Don't believe it! Get rid of that kind of thinking to accelerate the good that awaits you.

Author's Bio: 

Pearle Lake is a professional Intuitive/ Empowerment coach, in practice for over 25 years. She enjoys bringing useful information to people via consultations, speaking and writing. She is the author of three short, yet amazingly useful self-help books.
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