Getting confidence in life comes naturally to some and for others, it is a gradual and revealing process. A confident person has a core source from that confidence swells. This source is usually a deep value or belief and no one can shake it easily. Similarly, if you want to have confidence in your sexual abilities, there will have to be a value or belief. This will also be seen naturally in some and appears over time in others. Sexual confidence isn’t necessarily about being good in bed. It may mean being confident about your body, knowing that you deserve pleasure and also like giving pleasure. Here are five ways through which you could get confidence in your sexual abilities.

Self esteem

Build your self esteem. This is the first step in developing any kind of confidence. It is an evaluation of your own self worth and you must keep this high. You must believe that your worth is high and no one can replace what you have. It is a kind of belief in oneself and know that you are worth it, even if no one else tells you. When begin to believe in this, that you are lovable, that you are worth it, then your behavior and outlook will change accordingly. Once your self worth increases then your sexual confidence will too.

Know yourself

It is important to understand that people who are sexually confident, may not be the topmost performers in bed. There is a reason why some super confident people may not be the best sexually but still have satisfied partners. If you consider Johnny Sins to be the best, a sexually confident person doesn’t have to be him. It is about how good you feel and how good you make the other person feel. The first thing is to know yourself – what do you like? What pleasures you most? What do you like to give? Once you have the answers to this, then you can think about how you could pleasure your partner and this will add to your confidence.

Explore interests

Safely explore your interests sexually to see what you like and what is the limit to which you are willing to go. You may or may not be in a romantic relationship, but it is important to think about your sexual desires before you have sex with anyone. If you don’t worry about anyone else, then you can focus on yourself and if you are enjoying yourself, you will always be able to give back the pleasure. Plus, it is very satisfactory for a partner to know that they have been a catalyst for your satisfaction. Explore your interests safely to figure out what more can make you happy. For example, you could try Irish phone sex or experiment with a sex toy.


Effective communication is good for not only a normal relationship, but also during sex. You must clearly communicate what you want your sex partner to do. No one comes with a sex manual and follows that to give the best sexual pleasure. That is why you need to clearly guide where should suck or kiss or lick to make you feel good. Similarly, allow your partner to guide you and tell you what they like so you both get the best.

Memorize triggers for mood

Now it isn’t always easy to get in the mood for sex. Create rituals or routines that you can use to create confidence in sex. Exploration, reflection and self-care can get you there. Think of triggers that have made you feel good or put your partner in the mood. Memorize some of them so you know when t bust moves!

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