It doesn’t matter whether you have been planning on giving your home a bit of TLC for a little while, or whether you are looking to get creative on a whim, there are plenty of ways you can improve the curb appeal of your humble abode. While the interior of your dwelling may look like something out of a glossy design magazine, it’s time for the exterior of your home to match. Take a look at these five simple ways to improve the appearance of your home.

1. Get Green Fingered

While you might not have a horticultural bone in your body, there are some simple tweaks that you can make to your front exterior to turn it from unkempt jungle to a well-coiffed garden. Mow your lawn regularly and plant some shrubs, flora and fauna that need very little cutting back and pruning. Bamboo, wildflowers and bulbing perennials need very little input from you but can look glorious. Alternatively, opt for an alpine rockery look if you are after a minimalist garden feel.

2. Change The Driveway

If your driveway has seen better days, is full of mini potholes and there are weeds poking through, it’s time to look for something a little more chic. The newest resin bound driveways are durable, smooth and easy to maintain. They are versatile meaning that you can mix up colours, finishes and designs. You might even want to add crushed glass into the resin mix or opt for a natural stone look finish. The possibilities are endless and once the installation is complete, you will have an aesthetically pleasing driveway to improve the appearance of your home.

3. Let There Be Light

If you have a beautiful exterior to your home, you want it to be on show twenty four seven. Get yourself some solar powered lights to bathe your finest trees in the softest hues. Accent or colourful lighting could add another level of design to your outside space. Lighting can also act as a security feature warding off would-be thieves.

4. Window Dress

Windows are often seen as the soul of the home. If these are of the uPVC variety, the chances are that they look pretty average. To add interest, you need to think about adding a splash of colour. Consider whipping up some widow boxes and filling them with vibrant flowers and plants. Maintain the cleanliness of your facias and consider swapping some of the plain glazing for stained glass or a customised design.

5. Whip Out The Paint

If you have some lovely rendering on the outside of your home, this can begin to look a little tired after a few years. The bright, crisp white can slowly fade into a grey, beige mulch that few people find attractive. Get out the paintbrush and render paint and recapture the modern look for your pad. If you have pebbledash, paint it white. If you have wooden detailing, treat it with a natural yet protective stain. Find out more about painting your exterior here:

Adding curb appeal to your home should be fun and give you the chance to flex your creative muscles. Enjoy improving the appearance of your home by following this guide.

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