Love is something that has been very extensively talked about. You may think that there literally won’t be anything new to find out about when it comes to love, but you’d be wrong.
There is always more to know, always more to learn. I’ll tell you this, love is not always easy. It requires work from both sides, constant and tender care.

Maybe you’re in a new relationship, looking to make it even more incredible, or in a long-term relationship, looking to renew it, or maybe you’re just a clueless person bewildered about how women work.

Whatever the reason, I’ll tell you 5 simple but fool-proof things, from a woman’s standpoint, that would sweep her off her feet and make her fall just a bit more in love with you, in each step.


I know, listening can be very hard sometimes, but please try. Women value your attention and time, more than anything else.
Maybe she just wants to tell you something mundane that happened at work, or vent about something that’s been bothering her, or ask for your opinion on something. Whatever it may be, just listen to her.

Also, know that women tend to drop a lot of hints while talking. Hints about what she likes, what she dislikes, what she is expecting, what she wants to do, etc.

So, listening is one sly weapon in your arsenal. If you are really good at it, you can figure her out easily from just listening to her. And listening also provides you with valuable info; what present to get her, how to calm her down if she’s upset, what’s her idea of a perfect date, and a lot more!!

Now, Love psychic chat reading online live hints might be difficult to many. But you’ll get there. And trust me when I say that women hint about everything they ever want or feel, while talking. All you got to do, is listen.

Big brownie points to you, if u hug her while listening to her-trust me, this never fails.

2)Hugs, cuddles and forehead kisses

We women are a total sucker for all of these, there, I’ve said it.
Forehead kisses are the way you totally suck out all the sense from our heads. They render us absolutely useless. Kissing her forehead is a lot more intimate than you think.

Next come cuddles. Hand to God, we would do anything to get cuddles. Watching a movie? Cuddles! Just lounging around being lazy? Cuddles! Does she seem a little off today? Yeah, you guessed it, cuddles!! We absolutely love cuddling. Every single woman out there, there’s no exception to this rule.

Hug her as often as possible, because we constantly crave your touch. But we won’t always ask for it for fear of being needy or annoying.

Even if we’re not big huggers or touchy-feely people, we will still want all of these from you, because, duh, obviously you are special.

Take note: If she’s mad or even yelling, a bear hug followed by a kiss to end all kisses, always works, always. (But then, the reason she’s mad, also matters. If it’s because you cheated on her, you’ll be throat-punched for trying that mate).

3)It’s always the little things
Women always place more importance on the little things. Things you may even consider insignificant, but to us, it matters. You don’t have to spend a lump sum or do something extravagant, to impress her.

Maybe pluck a bunch of wild flowers on your way to see her, or just buy a single flower on the go. Or just send her a picture of something you saw, that reminded you of her. This would absolutely make her day, believe me.

Help out around the house, give her a back rub or a massage, offer to carry her bags for her, play with her hair, and most importantly, make her laugh.

Making her laugh is a sure-fire way to make her fall for you more than she already has.

4)Never underestimate the power of good morning texts
Now, most of you would be skeptical over this. You may even feel that unnecessary importance has been placed over a text message, and let’s face it, how would you sending her ‘good morning’ tell her you love her?

But you have to realize that a good morning text is not simply another text for her.

It shows her that you think about her first thing in the morning, and that means everything to her. Because rest assured that you’re literally her waking thought every single day! Yes, you really are. Some may never admit it, but this is the truth.
The minute we open our eyes, we think about you. That’s just how our brains are wired and how we function. So, when we don’t get that miracle-working text from you, our day starts with overthinking that fact and then tends to go for a downward spiral from there.

All this just for a single text?? Yes. I’m sorry but this really is non-negotiable, albeit a little excessive.
So send her that text, and even if you don’t text her for the rest of the day, she’d be ok, because your good morning text did it all!

5)Compliment us
You’d obviously feel like your girl is the most beautiful girl there is, as you rightly should. But every woman has a whole set of insecurities she tries to hide.

Even if she’s an exceptionally beautiful and confident woman, she always craves for your attention. So, call her beautiful as often as you can. This makes us glow in a very different way.
Also know that your compliments are the only ones that matter the most to us. We keep trying to impress you, every single day.

Really, this is basically all that we ask for. We are not all that complicated to figure-out guys. Send us that “good morning beautiful” text, hug us, listen to us, and call us pretty. Simple enough, isn’t it? All we ask for, is your time and attention. And when you give us that, it means the world to us.

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