Having a great product or great idea is not enough to make a startup successful. A product promoted properly to the correct audiences is the major mantra to achieve success as a startup.

There is no surprise on the fact that startups spend most of their time on thinking the right promotional campaigns for their business according to the latest trend or season.

An Ad campaign can make or break a brand. It’s become an essential part of the business and a mandatory thing to make your brand recognizable.

Here we have shared 5 best promotional Ad campaigns commenced by the Indian startups.

Let’s have a look!


1# Currycature Campaign by KFC

Currycature” was a creative Advertising campaign by KFC to offer their users or fans a matchless experience.

In this Ad campaign, the participant needs to select a character with an ethnic Indian feel and then to upload the pictures.

The idea behind this campaign was to launch the latest KFC Indian Flavor Curry Crunch Chicken with an Indian touch.

With the launch of Curry Crunch, the world’s favorite KFC comes up with the Indian tadka.

The new product captured the flavors of Indian Food with original tastes. And to promote this new Indian Touch KFC introduced a Currycature App on Facebook.

The name of the App was originated by combining two words ‘Curry’ and ‘Caricature’. Using this App KFC fans can form Indian caricatures by embossing their picture with ethnic touch and accessories and thus showing the cultural diversity of India.

The campaign was a great success. Around 17,000 Currycatures being made during this campaign.

The App received great praise on KFC India’s official Facebook page and was admired by several leading social media blogs.


2# Urban Ladder: The Homecoming movie

The concept of buying furniture online was introduced and made popular by online retailers like Urban Ladder.

The marketing and advertising campaigns of Urban Ladder support the theme of buying furniture online.

The startup commenced a short movie named "The Homecoming" in which furniture plays a major role in bringing the two generations of a family together.

The video touched the emotions of individuals and received over 900K views on YouTube and go viral on social media platforms.


3# Vicks – #TouchOfCare

Vicks India is one of the popular and trusted brands in India. This year, the brand has launched an emotional and highly innovative digital campaign called #TouchOfCare.

The campaign was based on a true story and present a lovely bond of a transgender woman with an orphan girl Gayatri who adopted her and educate her as her own.

The campaign touched the emotional chord of audiences and praised by everyone. Through this campaign, the brand conveyed the message that “Everyone has a right to have a family with love and caring bond,

The video became very popular and gained over 9.9 million views in a short period of time.


4# IAPC – Last Laugh

The Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) launched an excellent campaign with a combination of creativity and emotional values.

The digital campaign became popular with the name “Last Laugh”. Moreover, the campaign won the Abby Gold Award in 2018.

The campaign displayed standup comedy acts performed by terminally ill persons for their family members. Usually, people hesitate to talk about death. And through this campaign, the brand showed a different way to deal with a severe problem lightheartedly.

The campaign adopted Palliative (end of life) care approach to help the patients to accept the death reality and went viral with the hashtag #LaughAtDeath.

The campaign was highly praised and awarded for its unique combination of creative brand image, experiential events, and heart-warming inverses.


5# Ola: #ChaloNiklo campaign

Presently, Ola has become the most popular cab booking service in India. Multiple successful advertising campaigns are the major reason for the popularity of the brand.

The brand is successfully maintaining its leader tag in the business battling against some of the big brands.

Ola's #ChaloNiklo campaign designed by Happy Creative Services is a theme that the smartphone generation can link to.

The campaign encourages users to share pictures on social media platforms made it increase its app following immensely while sustaining the brand value.

The ‘Chalo Niklo’ campaign is an effortless and interesting and conversational way to signify how Ola handles a consumer’s requirements to leave in an immediate from just about anyplace.

Today, the promotional campaigns are the backbone of a successful startup. Big as well as small brands are leveraging the benefits of ad campaigns to achieve market success.

Author's Bio: 

Manju Rai:

Digital Marketer and an SEO strategist with a complete mix of creative and marketing skills.

A new age online marketer with more than 3.5 years of experience and presently working with Digiperform- India’s Leading Digital Marketing Training Company; the first organization to be awarded as ‘Asia’s Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education’ by WCRC (World Consulting and Research Corporation).