Bill Ganz, Founder and CEO of More Media Group, Inc., and its subsidiary FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc. (, Southern California based companies has been helping small to large distributor companies for years in developing simple to understand and user interfaces for their distributor bases.

Many of these companies are part of the Multi-Level Marketing Industry or affiliate based marketing businesses.

Typically Multi-Level Marketing companies rely on distributors for getting the word out and advertising their products. FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc. is helping companies to understand the power of hiring experienced web based digital agencies with MLM experience of which FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc. is the first.

This is an additive process to the traditional means of distribution. In tandem, these two marketing disciplines; traditional and new - have created an unfair advantage in Conversational Marketing.

The leader in this category is clearly, FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc. because of its extensive background and knowledge in the Multi-Level Marketing disciplines which comes from years of experience in this field.

More Media Group, Inc. has many award winning years in Multi-Media Production, Live Events and Training and now Monetizing Social Networks for Multi-Level Marketing companies. FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc. has recently launched and consulted on the launch for one of its customer's new networks - and This is a hybrid strategy of technology and roll up technique never seen before.

More Media Group, Inc. was the recipient of the DV Awards for the development and implementation of its interactive, multi-media "Networkers Edge" Training Program.

This International competition recognizes outstanding achievement in digital video. Networkers Edge, was seventy-eight, 5-minute messages delivered to the distributor five days a week for six months. These messages were tutorials that the distributor paid for in order to gain the knowledge necessary to understand, at a glance, the power of Home-Based Business and Multi-Level Marketing. The program was one of the first Social Networks ever created that had bio-demographic information where the distributors interacted with forums, against the content and the media was structured on a time-based delivery.

"It is more psychology than technology" stated Bill Ganz Founder and CEO of FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc., "and when companies start to realize and implement simple strategies; their success is just around the corner."

More people are not only looking to supplement their current income but to replace lost income and savings. As a result small Home Based Businesses and Multi-Level Marketing are flourishing. Understanding that technology can be over whelming and scary to many people companies need to apply the "K.I.S.S." principal (Keep It Simply Simple) more now than ever. People do not want to get a college education in order to learn how to interface with the company's website and back offices. They want good training and simple processes that allow them to focus on their main goal which is to sell and distribute products in order to earn an income.

Says FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc., Founders, Steve Aust and Bill Ganz "A company can have all the technological skills in the world but if they don't understand that it ultimately relates to the psychology of the person that they are directing their message to, they are headed for failure." they also stated "in today's economy the Entrepreneur in search of an opportunity has many choices, so the companies that make it easy for the individual to build a financially rewarding business, has the best chance of success. "

Multi-Level Marketing companies do very well in up economies. MLM and Direct Selling do extraordinarily well in downed economies. This is why there is always such an uptick in the Home Based Business industry during downed economies.

In a world of overwhelm and information overload people are seeking out simple ways to earn extra income and spend their time effectively. There are 5 basic criteria's companies need to understand and implement; FastTrack™ Online Marketing, Inc. is the expert in this area. The 5 criteria's are:

1. Use technology to simplify, not complicate.

2. Use 5th grade education in explaining your processes.

3. Stay away from all the flash and glitz and Hollywood production techniques that are great for the big screen but only cause your distributor to be distracted from the main goal.

4. Keep everything in bite-size pieces. It's easier to absorb and remember.

5. Make sure your support staff is well trained in the area of personal communication and they fully understand the systems and can "simply" instruct people on its use.

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