What if a handout is given to you and you are required to submit a presentation based on it in just 15 days? Well, in such a situation, you will definitely feel butterflies in your stomach and your hands will become cold. A handout basically works to relieve you from including everything to slides, so I always prefer writing a handout before preparing a presentation.
The 5 fabulous ways to develop a breath taking presentation handout with little effort are:
• Consume a single page to write a presentation handout. If there is much to say, you should prefer adding those points which you think are the most important to your viewers. A single handout page seems easy and brief to read.
• Your handout should tell the same story as your presentation will. At least, the bottom line of the story should remain the same.
• Adding images that illustrate the meanings of your presentation subject can add a fresh breath, or value to it. The images being used in the presentation and in the handout should match so that a reader may associate both of them easily.
• Writing a detailed section for those, who love to read more about your presentation can add plus points to your efforts done so far. As I have suggested writing a single page handout, much cannot be included in a single sheet. So, adding a separate descriptive section in your handout would be beneficial.
• Always remember to add your details at the end of the presentation handout paper. Some people might need to know about the writer, or want to contact them later. In such a case, add your email address, or any social networking address which you consider looking at frequently, is beneficial.
I have written my business presentation by using these ideas, and to my surprise, I got great feedback a week later. Try it and you will definitely fall in love with it.

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