Like most of us nowadays, you are in fear of losing your job, if you still have one that is! So what are your options? The economy stinks so there really isn’t a lot of jobs to look for. The best option would be to start a home based business or online business. While many have the desire to do this they are very hesitant to actually get started. Here are some of the fears most people have when deciding to start an online business.

1. Change. The number one reason you wont start a home business is the fear of change. This is the fear that stops people from doing anything different with their lives. A lot of us get in that comfort zone and we become complacent and anything that will change that scares us. What you are about to do is an unknown and fear of the unknown is huge!

2. Lack of Ideas. Choosing the right type of online business. There are thousands of different options for home businesses and finding the one that fits you can be a daunting task. To make it a little easier for you…look for something that you have some knowledge or background in and you will enjoy doing. Also, to some market research to make sure you have a customer base to sell to.

3. Scams. The number one online business killer! They promise you riches, take your money and then nothing. Simply put…stay away from any guarantee, any get rich quick scheme and anyone that tells you that you will only need to work 2 hours a week. If it was really that easy, everyone would be doing it! All successful businesses take time and effort.

4. Investments. You are afraid that you will lose a lot of money…see scams! Now depends on what you know and what type of online business you chose, there are different amounts of investments you will need to make. Note: you cannot start a business for free…there are a lot of free things you can do but a serious online business will cost you something. Second note: don’t jump into anything, do research and start with only a small investment first, that way if it doesn’t work out you wont lose that much.

5. Knowledge. If you have never had your own business before it can be scary to think about all that has to be done. Yes, there is a lot however, you will never make it to the top of the ladder if you never take that first step! Again, start small…buy an e-book or some sort of training guide to help you get started and go from there. The key here is to start! It’s like earning a college degree…one course at a time and before you know it, you will have a successful online business.

We have all heard the line “you have nothing to fear than fear itself”. It’s OK to have fear. Fear is an adrenaline that can be used for good. Sometimes fear can bring out the best in someone, like when your back is against the wall and you have no other choice than to succeed. To help ease some fears when starting an online business, try one that offers a risk free money back guarantee. More times than not, these are the legitimate online businesses. Don’t be afraid to be successful!

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