Description: Are you planning to create a family with a person you love? Marriage is not only an everlasting honeymoon. It is an issue full of compromises and discussions. We offer you several tips married people can use to start a new family successfully.

It is a fantastic day today. You have made or have got a proposal. Congratulations! Once you have decided to get married, there are many topics that you both have to discuss in detail. And we do not mean to choose the taste of your marriage cake, though it is also quite a challenge. A significant part of marriages ends with divorce as both partners have no idea how to treat the other person equally. Marriage is a great compromise and the place to discuss, not to argue. There are several married life tips that may help for newly arrived couples to solve problems easily. Do you want to join the smart club? Scroll down, love birds!

Discuss Your Current Financial Situation
Finances have always been the most common problem of just married couples, no matter if they are rich or not. It is not a question of how much you spend. It is a question of trust and the possibility to communicate with each other. To have an open and honest conversation is one of the most important financial tips. One in three couples lies to each other about finances. Do you want to be told the truth about everything? Think over the following:
What do you have to know before getting married to each other? Complete the advised checklist with your partner before saying, "I do."
It is essential to understand the background of your spouse's family. Did they struggle to make ends meet? Have they been from a wealthy family? All these facts determine the attitude towards earning and spending money. All money triggers were born in childhood. Do you know how much your partner earns? What about the credit situation? Who is going to be responsible for paying bills and tax tips? Are you going to have a joint money account or two separate ones?
Emotional connection to the money is also a great deal. What do you and your partner feel while spending a great sum of money? Do you earn to be able to get something, or just like the process of saving? Are you an impulse spender, or plan everything in half a year? Do you have financial fears? Can you acknowledge them and share your feelings?
Discuss financial goals and business roles. You have to be aware that you both are on the same page. Speak about the possible career promotions and how much money you can save for your future life and kids. Even home pets demand lots of money. Children are more expensive than you can think: school, clothes, gadgets, college, insurance. Everything has to be planned in advance as long-term financial goals. Marriage life is more complicated than honeymoon tips; plan everything before not to be disappointed after. Try to think the details over before tying the wedding knot, and keep your relationship positive. If you need, contact the professional accountant to see all the risks and plan the future's best financial strategy. Trust the professionals, you did not cook the wedding cake yourself, did not you?

Make a Divorce Agreement
There is one unpleasant money topic that is essential to be discussed. It is a possible divorce, and everything connected with this procedure. We all think that marriage is going to last forever and ever. However, the divorce range is pretty high nowadays, and you have to be sure about you and your partner's financial responsibilities after the divorce. Many people think that it is not fair to sign such papers. However, social security tips must include financial care about kids, property, retirement funds, and many other factors. It is much cheaper to plan everything before marriage than to meet later at the expensive court setting.

Do Not Postpone The Problems
The wedding event is over. All the gifts are opened, the honeymoon was a fantastic adventure, and you both return to the everyday home and work routine. What is next? Sometimes family problems start from some small itching issue. It can be the wardrobe door that your spouse forgets to close every day or something unessential like that.
Do you know how an avalanche works? The snow is stored on the heels until the last snowflake creates critical pressure, and then the whole mass goes down, killing everything. Do not hide the problems under the sofa blanket. It is one of the tips for sleeping safely. Speak them out when the tension arises. Otherwise, you may have an avalanche effect on your married life.
One more of the tips for mind and spirit is to raise the exact problem, not all the problems at the same time. If you are angry about the specific partner's failure, say it loud. But do not pretend that you are angry about everything in family life. If you do not like that your wife spends all the money in the spa, tell her about it, not about the teacup left at the table. Make eye contact while discussing. But first of all, try to let the small things go. Before making an argument, ask yourself. Is this problem really important? Is it really a problem?

Do Not Cry Stinking Fish
Newlyweds often make one common mistake, according to the best hookup sites review. The couple pulls the family secrets over to the friends' council. The friends divide into two fighting groups and start giving advice. Never do the same. Never separate your friends and always discuss the problems only with each other. You will solve all the problems, but your friends will still be divided and may even become enemies. They can also give you advice that is not suitable for your family situation, and if you follow them, the situation may worsen. Your friends do not know your spouse as you do. They see your partner only a limited time during some cultural occasions. So their piece of advice can rarely be correct. And one more important tip for the bride and groom. Do not discuss your partner with the members of your family. It is the first step to divorce.

Romantic Newlyweds’ Tips
That is enough about serious issues. Let us discuss some pleasant rich-of-romance tips to make the marriage more sugar-like. It will help to keep a strong bond in your family and to make the marriage a cakewalk.
If your spouse likes surprises, you can hide small love notes in the pockets to create a pleasant smile on the loved face. The essential tip for married with children is to have romantic dates for only two of you and to devote this time to each other only. Cook together and find out new recipes. Cooking can be very funny; tips for married life may include not only routine work and money discussions. Clean the house together! Make plans together. Plan traveling, buying a new dress or play station, do virtual shopping together. It will also help to keep the love stronger in your marriage. Find something that may unite you and your spouse, and create your own traditions.

Intimacy Tips Married Life Can Expect
The sexual life of your couple is not a question that someone can discuss. However, there are some universal intimacy tips that may add some spicy taste to your bedroom. First of all, rebuild your bedroom to make it comfortable for you both. It is also a question of trust, and you have to discuss how you see your sexual life. Try to look beautiful for your partner. When time passes, we all tend to be lazy, taking care of our appearance. Do not be lazy; your marriage deserves to be fought for. There are many beauty tips for both men and women that can be done together and have some fun in the process.

And the last but the best variant of the just married couple tips are the following. Keep doing what you are doing. You have fallen in love with your partner; you both have decided to get married. You have chosen your spouse among all other possible variants. So it is a person you want to be with. Just love and give love back in return. All relationships mean to give and return. The more you give, the more you return from your spouse. That is how healthy relationships work. Do not take your beloved for granted. It is ok to thank you for the efforts to support the family. It is absolutely ok to complement each other. Do not be shy to show that you care, and you will not need some exceptional tips for the fiancé to become a happy couple.
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Robert Andrew Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with many couples from all the UK and wants to share his experience with you. Robert's hobbies are reading new psychology books and traveling around the world. He has visited more than 15 countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, etc. One of Robert's biggest dreams is to climb Mount Everest and take a photo.