Pregnancy is the phase of life which is very beautiful as well as crucial for a woman. Not only her but her families also have so many expectations and hopes for the coming baby! But as wonderful as it seems to be, it is also such a fragile state in which proper care and precautions are necessary for both the unborn child as well as the expecting mother.

One wrong move, one wrong decision can be a nightmare. And when so much is at stake, it is critical that you should be aware of dos and don'ts. There are many restrictions on what you should eat and what not! Here are six such things that you should avoid during pregnancy:

Some of the seafood and fishes

Some fishes contain mercury! Consumption of mercury during pregnancy can damage the brain further delaying the development of the baby! It is the reason doctors’ advice not to take fish which contains high levels of mercury like swordfish, king mackerel, shark, and tilefish. However, fishes that have low mercury level should be consumed in moderate amount.
Steer clear of refrigerated and smoked seafood which have labels like lox, jerky, novel style or kippered as they contain Listeria bacteria.

Raw or partially cooked eggs

Raw eggs, undercooked eggs should never be consumed during pregnancy! Not even in small amount. Homemade desserts and sauces like chocolate mousse, mayonnaise, cake that is everything that could have raw eggs must be avoided. The reason is that they might have contamination from salmonella bacteria which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Improperly-Cooked Meat and poultry

Meat is something that every non-vegetarian person loves! However, expecting women despite their cravings have to restrict the consumption of meat. Many tests have proven that raw or uncooked meat contain Listeria bacteria. Due to Toxoplasma gondii parasite, the expecting mothers may suffer food poisoning which can further induce vomiting and even fetal damages and miscarriages!

Unpasteurized Dairy products
Everyone will tell you to drink milk during pregnancy and that too a lot of it and they are not wrong! As you know that milk does have minerals, proteins, and calcium. However the unpasteurized dairy products if ingested, you might risk yourself for severe food poisoning. Therefore you should avoid all the unpasteurized dairy products.

Unpasteurized soft cheese

Unpasteurized soft cheese like Brie, feta, camembert, queso fresco, etc. should also be avoided as they consist of bacteria like Listeria which can cause listeriosis. Miscarriages, premature birth or congenital disabilities are also some of the common results of having this type of cheese!

Unwashed fruits and vegetables

If you have a habit of eating fruits or vegetables without washing them, you better stop now. As you know it, vegetables undergo pesticides and chemical processes before getting on your plate.

So basically you should avoid anything which could probably have bacteria that could harm the fetus! You can further read about it on world best 100 blogs to gather information for yourself because as they say- “Precaution is better than cure.”

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