An online gaming merchant account can help you enjoy playing online games without incurring the cost and hassles of playing. With an online gaming merchant account, a person can choose which games he wants to play and the amount of time he wants to spend in playing that particular game. This will reduce the time and effort spent on the game and allows one to play it without any interruption.

There are several features that are included in a gaming merchant account. These features are more or less related to the way a gamer accesses his account. These features include how the person controls his account, how he connects his gaming activity to his bank account, how he maintains his account, and how he keeps track of the income received by his account. The features can be modified according to the preferences of the user.


Here Is A Description Of Gaming Merchant Account’s Features:

1: A person can choose the amount of time he wants to spend in gaming or he can choose to play in increments of time. The gamer will get access to more opportunities to play. For example, if the gamer wants to play for one hour each day, he will be given the opportunity to do so. In this way, a person can select when he wants to play and still enjoy his games.

2: A Gaming Merchant Account can also be set up through debit or credit cards. A cardholder will be given access when he chooses a particular debit or credit card that has been approved by the card company. The cardholder can use the card for spending his money at online gaming stores. The gaming merchants will collect the money from the user and deduct it from the cardholder's account.

The player can have multiple payment options. He can pay using a credit card, PayPal, bank account, or electronic checks. The user can choose which payment option he prefers. There is a limit to the amount of money that the player can have in his account. This limit is typically five hundred dollars.

3: When a person decides to make purchases using his card account, a charge-back protection mechanism is activated. When a charge-back occurs, the gamer can ask for the money back. A charge-back protection mechanism prevents a cardholder from having his money taken away by the issuing company. When this happens, the money is returned to the gamer's account.

4: A gamer can withdraw his money from his account by simply entering his credit card information. The customer can withdraw money even if he has not bought anything yet. This is because the money will be deposited to the gamer's account immediately.

5: Another feature of an online gaming merchant account is that the account will allow a cardholder to set up a maximum number of players. If there are more players than the cardholder can afford, the money will be refunded automatically.

6: When a gamer is planning to pay for something with his card, he can use a payment gateway. This allows the player to accept payments through any of the major payment networks.

This type of gateways will only allow the person to pay through certain networks. For example, it will only accept PayPal, Debit, and Credit Card payments. Payment gateways are used to provide the gaming community with secure, private, and fast payment solutions. There are some payment gateways that will allow the gamer to accept payments through more than one network. Therefore, the gamer does not have to worry about having different payment methods. iPayTotal provides credit card payment gateway allowing you to get clear all major credit cards against very competitive rates.


Online gaming merchant account features include both basic functions and advanced functionalities. Both the basic functions and the advanced features are very helpful and allow the gaming industry to provide an abundant amount of entertainment to its customers.


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