If you’ve been thinking about becoming an online tutor for awhile, you probably have some key characteristics. You’re likely passionate and knowledgeable about “your” subjects, are successful in an online environment, and have a desire to help others. There are natural teachers and those who can hone such skills—but the best tutors have a combination of both. Teaching isn’t something you can master. Instead, it’s an evolving lifelong skill that you’ll get better at with each experience.

Even if becoming a teacher isn’t your ultimate goal, opting to be an online tutor is a great means of making extra money in a fun, convenient, and flexible environment. Research the companies, clearly understand your responsibilities (and how payment works!), and you just might find that online tutoring is the right freelance avenue for you.

Curious what the benefits include? They vary depending on the company, but you can count on:

1. Competitive pay. Compared to many in-person tutoring companies, you’ll earn a higher hourly rate usually starting at $20 per hour. That means you can be earning an extra $1,000 per month just working half-time. Few other entry-level jobs allow for such a profitable salary, and demand definitely surpasses supply. You’ll never have a shortage of students and clients if you partner with an online tutoring company that’s established.

2. You set your own hours. Students need tutors around the clock, which means you get to decide when you work and how often. Whether you want a traditional nine-to-five, prefer to tutor one hour in the morning and evening to flank your work or school schedule, or prefer to go all-in in the middle of the night or weekends, every option is available. Not only are students diverse in their availability and best studying times, but your company might have students from around the world in various time zones.

3. Work where you like. As long as you have a quiet space and a good internet connection, you can work wherever you want—usually anywhere in the world. Free up your travel constraints, move overseas to enjoy foreign earned income exclusion, and finally experience what it’s really like to work in the comfort of your home or favorite coffeeshop. Having a virtual work environment is quickly becoming the norm.

4. Forget costly commutes. Even if you have a job that’s only a few miles away but requires you to be there in person, this lost time can quickly add up. You need to get ready, commute, pay for gas or public transportation, and potentially deal with inclement weather or traffic issues. The briefest of commutes might be ten minutes each way, but add in an additional 40 minutes for getting ready and parking, and suddenly you’re losing one hour each day. That’s 265 hours per year completely gone assuming you work five days per week. Couldn’t you do something better with hundreds of regained hours?

5. Help the environment. When you telecommute as a virtual tutor, you’re lightening your carbon footprint. Since you’re not commuting or contributing to what might be an energy-sucking commercial building, it’s a great way to improve your karma and help the environment. Plus, every student you work with is doing the same! Each session equates to two people staying off the roads.

6. You meet amazing people. Your students and perhaps their parents might become an integral part of your life. While some students just want short-term tutoring, others stick with their favorite tutors for months or years. You may end up making connections with people from around the globe.

Online tutoring offers relatively high pay, the freedom of choosing your work hours and place via “Due”, and advancement opportunities as you gain experience (and perhaps related degrees or certifications!). Some tutors fall in love with teaching, and tutoring is their first step towards a beloved career.

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