How many times have you had a client with great purchasing power before you, but completely indecisive about the choice of the desired villa Dubai Palm Jumeirah of your dreams? How many times have you reached customers with this profile who needed some time to think and did not return your calls?

This scene must repeat itself several times in your daily life, does not it? And there's more.

You know the worst part of all this? It is not the client's fault to be so indecisive. The biggest culprit for not closing that sale is you, broker. That's it! Difficult to deal with, but it's the truest truth.

To better assist you in any sales and dealing with the client, I have listed below some tips to identify if you have Emotional Intelligence and how to employ it in your tasks.

1. Power of empathy
When approaching, realtors who own IE are able to put themselves in the customer's place, being kind and understanding their doubts and expectations, regardless of how their first reaction on the villa Dubai Palm Jumeirah will be. When it comes time to make the presentation of the house or apartment, it is imperative to convey security and serenity so that the client feels comfortable in passing on their impressions.

2. Self-control over negative responses
If the client objects, try to demonstrate the minimum of insecurity if your planning has not turned out the way you would like it. Pay attention to all the information that your client goes through and, above all, try not to show that he was annoyed. It is necessary to listen clearly to neutralize the situation with intelligent arguments.

3. Know when to renew
An attentive broker is able to identify your weaknesses as to your method of work and is concerned with improving your techniques whenever possible. It is not enough to just freeze the way you practice a sale, making it unique to what you consider to be a success. Remember that every problem must be identified by you and not be imposed on the client as being the only one interested in acquiring the villa Dubai Palm Jumeirah. Work in a way that understands your own difficulties and recycles yourself to intensify your knowledge.

4. Be disciplined
What determines the difference between one professional and another is discipline. The organization should be a crucial factor for a realtor's agenda, especially the care about the demonstration materials used to present to the client. Be flawless in your tasks!

5. Learn to listen and speak
Linguistics is one of the main tools of the Realtor. With it, you express yourself more easily, which develops greater sensitivity for good negotiation with the client. Understand what your client wants to then propose what you consider important in the purchase of the property.

6. Make a happy sale
There are many people who say they are not satisfied where they are. If you are a broker who complains or feels unmotivated, consequently your sales will be unhappy, do you agree? Calm down! How do you want to close a sale with your client acting like this? It takes MOTIVATION!

Motivation-action, you know?

Making a sale while being happy is just as important as the other points described above. After all, the customer will realize his joy and dedication in selling something he so desires.

Work with pleasure, make a conscious sale and, above all, delight your client.

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This scene must repeat itself several times in your daily life, does not it? And there's more.