Working space has a huge impact on employees. Recent researches show that the design and architecture of the workspace actually affect business productivity because they can influence the mind of the employees. This is the reason why most of the companies are now focusing on improving their workspace so that they can provide a better platform for their employees.

Dirty and cluttered up workspaces result in decreased productivity and employee morale. Not only this but if the workspace is not good, it becomes difficult to maintain your relations with your suppliers and other third parties as well.

If the business’s nature demands one on one meetings with the clients then the importance of maintaining the workspace is even more intensified.

Today, we are living in a modern era where we are gifted with technology at each and every step. If this technology is smartly integrated into our workspaces, we can make them a hub of productivity. This article will shed light on some of the main technologies that can improve the workspace.

1- Smart tables

Smart tables are now widely used in some of the top-notch offices. These tables do not only take less space but they are ideal in providing optimum comfort to the employees. These tables can be adjusted in two different positions as per the choice and requirement of the employee.

Many of the employees get tired while sitting in one position for the whole day. Thus, smart tables resolve this issue as they can be adjusted for height with just a single button. No manual intervention is required. Some versions of these smart tables can even get connected with the wireless network and put the entire internet world in front of you.

The integration of such tables provides ease to the employees. They feel relaxed and satisfied when they know that they are working for a firm that has integrated the latest technology for their comfort. This feeling motivates the employees to be more productive.

For instance, carpet cleaners chislehurst can plan to integrate smart technology in their office where they deal with corporate clients. After this integration, they can expect a good change in their employee behavior and motivation level, as well as their client relations.

2- Smart boards

A smart board is another great technology that has changed the work culture in many offices. These boards help in collaborating with different employees though they are on separate devices and give an experience as if they are in a single room.

These boards are ideal for training new employees as well as meetings and discussions. They offer the functionality to directly connect your devices to the board and it will become your projector. Now, companies are not using the traditional whiteboard along with a board marker in meeting and conference rooms.

The corporate world is changing and so are our working spaces. Today, the trend calls for using these smart boards in our workspaces to make them interactive and highly productive.

3- Thermal chairs

Thermal chairs are now widely used in offices to provide the optimum level of comfort to the employees. These chairs enable the employees to control the temperature themselves.

Every person has their own preference for temperature. These days many offices happen to be centrally air-conditioned, but there may be sick employees who might get uncomfortable with the coolness. Thermal chairs can be the solution to this problem.

Using these, employees can control the temperature according to what suits them best, especially for their pelvic and back regions.

These chairs operate on electric power and rechargeable batteries are used to supply the power. Once fully charged, the battery works for around two to three days, depending on its usage. Thus, these chairs are a means to provide great comfort to the employees. This increases their involvement in work and thus motivates them to deliver more.

4- Collaborative tools

Today, many collaborative tools are used in offices for building a strong bond among the team members. These tools are used for keeping the members updated about the project in hand.

Some of these tools include Trello, Dropbox, Slack, Redbooth, Dapulse, and there are many others as well for keeping track of the work. A manager can assign tasks through Trello and the work is uploaded on it after completion. It also maintains the history of work which helps in performance appraisal at the end of each month.

5- Smart work stations

The ongoing trend of modern offices calls for smart work stations which consider flexibility for employees as the prime factor. These work stations are embedded with all the latest technology. Many portable devices can be synchronized with the work station.

Monitor screens are bigger in these work stations so that the employees can get the ease of visibility. These work stations also come with smart tables.

6- Smart walls

Another great technology that has totally changed the modern workspaces is the smart walls. These walls enhance collaboration and production by acting like an innovative dry erase board. They help in in-house activities and improved employee engagement.

Through this smart wall technology employees can share their content like videos etc. with other employees. Researchers have concluded that live data feeds are the most modern tactic of increasing the performance of teams.

In short, technology has changed everything around us. When we look at the corporate sector, the impact of technology is vast. From production and manufacturing to marketing and distribution, technology has changed almost everything.

Likewise, this technology has revamped the workplaces in an exclusive manner. It is expected that more innovation will come in the coming years and modern workstations will make it easier for the employees to work with motivation.

Both small and large scale businesses are trying to adopt the aforementioned technologies in their workplaces so that they can compete well in the competitive market. However, this modern technology is usually heavy on the pocket but in the long-term, it decreases the overall cost.

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