As soon as the weather starts getting warmer, your ankles and feet start coming out of hibernation; however, they might not be prepared for the forthcoming season. The fact is numerous people do not visit a doctor regarding the issues with their ankles and feet, as they are not sure about where they must go for the treatment. It is essential to note that it is not a normal issue to have continuous foot pain. Thus, if you are feeling any pain, it is high time for you to make an appointment to visit a podiatrist.

  • Swelling, pain, or numbness in the foot

Suffering from swollen foot occasionally is quite normal due to running is not a big deal, but paining suddenly, numbness, or swelling in a foot devoid of any reason can be a symptom of a serious issue and requires a trip to a certified podiatrist in Moorabbin.

  • Nail fungus

The number of cases regarding nail fungus infection has been increasing at an exponential rate along with the growing popularity of nail salons. Leaving it untreated, the infection makes the nails thick and discoloured as well. 

  • Constant heel pain

Heel pain can be caused due to several reasons and issues. A podiatrist will carry out a certain exam and take out x-rays in order to determine the main cause for developing the treatment plan accordingly. 

  • An ingrown toenail

In case if an ingrown toenail, you might be tempted to attempt and remove that portion of the nail devoid of visiting a nail salon or a doctor. You must visit any one of them, as it is safer and not that painful as well. A podiatrist will cater appropriate medication if the nail gets infected as well as numb due to the process of removal.

  • Bunions

A bony bump, which develops on the exterior of the big toe joint, and it tends to cause more pain, as it grows larger with time. A proper x-ray scan can help diagnose the cause as well as a certified foot clinic in Moorabbin will suggest apt treatment options taking into consideration the severity of the bunion. 

  • Calluses or painful corns

It is the outcome of thickened areas of the dead skin, and such issues turn out to be extremely painful if it becomes thick too much. It is better not to ignore this sign, as it can worsen the condition of your feet. A podiatrist will aid you by removing these areas within the hardened skin in order to alleviate the pain and even prescribe the appropriate medication for treating and healing them.

Last Verdict!

Therefore, these are the signs that indicate when to see a podiatrist. So, if you find out these signs, then do not wait for long as ignoring the signs can lead to something more dangerous. Make sure to recover from these foot issues as soon as possible with the help of a certified podiatrist. Also, ensure to opt for an experienced podiatrist, as they will perform a better treatment to cure your issue within a less time span. 

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The author certified podiatrist in Moorabbin and has years of experience in curing various kinds of foot issues with proper aid. Moreover, one can take an appointment to see the author in a renowned foot clinic in Moorabbin.