A motorcycle helmet is a very important accessory in the road because it protects your head during impact in traffic crashes. Without it, you’ll have a high risk of head injuries. There are many types of motorcycle helmets and each differs in function and style.

Here are the six basic types of motorcycle helmets to fit your motorcycle design and riding style.

1. Full-Face Helmet: Best Protection For Speed Junkies And Touring Riders

If you always run on full speed, then the full-face helmet is perfect for you. It’s perhaps the safest type of motorcycle helmet as it covers the entire head and face. However, it may be a bit confining for city riders who wish for ventilation.

The significant features of this helmet type are the retractable wind visor and chin bar. The wind visor can protect you from the harsh elements outside, like dust and blinding sunlight while the chin bar protects your chin from impact. It looks good on most motorcycle models.

2. Open-Face Helmet: Best For City Riders Or Daily Commuters

The open-face helmet is suitable for city riders or daily commuters as it offers the best ventilation. The helmet is open at the front which can also be a little hassle, sometimes, when there’s dust on the road. If you want more protection, look for models with wind visors. This type of helmet looks good with standard motorcycles, scooters, and cruisers.

3. Modular Helmet: Best For Speed Junkies, Touring Riders, And City Riders

The modular helmet offers the best of both worlds: the protection from a full-face helmet and ventilation from an open-face helmet. The key feature is the chin guard which you can flip up for more versatility.

4. Half-Helmet: Best For Occasional Riders

The half helmet offers the least protection from this list. This motorcycle helmet only offers partial protection to your skull, which is why it’s also known as a “brain bucket”. This makes the half-helmet suitable for occasional riders and not for serious riders.

5. Off-Road Helmet: Best For Dirt Bikers And Motocross Racers

As its name implies, off-road helmets are designed for the dirt roads and not for highway and city streets. These motorcycle helmets are suitable for places that require knobby tires. Compared to the full and open-face helmets, this type of motorcycle helmet is built with a bigger visor and more defined chin bar to improve airflow.

The design of off-road helmets aims to give maximum protection and great ventilation at the least weight possible. Since the goal of this helmet is to offer maximum protection and comfort, don’t expect to see convenient features, like Bluetooth speakers.

6. Dual-Sport Helmet: The Best For Dirt Roads, Highway, And City Streets

A dual-sport helmet is a hybrid of a full-face helmet and an off-road type. Its appearance is similar to an off-road helmet with a big visor and a more accentuated chin bar, but the interior has a lot of padding like you see on a full-face helmet. This hybrid design makes this motorcycle helmet suitable both on the highway, city streets, and dirt roads.

Final Thought

We’ve discussed six types of motorcycle helmets that you can choose to fit your riding style. Another thing that you may consider when buying for your first helmet or replacing an old one is the type of road that you’ll use (city street, highway, or off-road). 

Full-face, open-face, modular, and half helmets are great for city streets and highways while off-road is geared for the dirt roads. To take both on streets and dirt roads, consider the dual-sport helmet. Regardless of your choice, make sure it fits well.

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