Your hair might be quietly trying to tell you it is not healthy, but you simply have no clue because you cannot distinguish between healthy and damaged hair. While your salon in Melbourne is your partner in maintaining your great hair, you should also have a healthy hair regimen at home. When your hair is in great condition, not only does it look great, but it will also withstand hair products and other things you put on it. These are the signs of healthy hair:

1. Elasticity

When your hair is elastic, it means you are able to pull or stretch it up to 50% of its length without breaking it. This is a sign that your hair is in great shape. For those with curly hair, shrinkage is a way to test your hair’s health. When it is wet and you stretch a few curls, it should return to its ordinary shrunken state after you release them. When they don’t, this means you need to add some more moisture and do protein treatments into your hair so that keratin levels are balanced.

2. Strength

Hair is strong when you can pull it and style it without the strands breaking or with only minimal damage. You should then pay attention when you see signs of breaking especially when styling your hair. The strength of the hair suffers when the strands become dry or brittle, so you would start to see more falling off or getting stuck on your combs or brushes. To address weak hair, it is necessary to moisturize and retain this moisture.

3. Softness

There is no sure way to really measure how soft hair should be, but you should feel it when you touch it if your hair is healthy. A good way is to try out different strands to try to compare which ones are smooth or rough. While hair has different textures, you should still feel a marked smoothness. Dry and damaged hair feels rough. To fix this, products that add moisture to the hair have to be added to your regimen.

4. Moisture Retention

You should include a regimen of moisture and protein products in order to keep your hair in top shape and also to help it retain more moisture. This is necessary to avoid breakage. Hair does have various porosity levels but healthy hair should be capable of retaining moisture. Thankfully, there are many different ways to help hair keep this moisture better, no matter what porosity level your strands have.

5. No Breakage and Shedding

Those with healthy hair will never have problems with strands clumping in the shower or in the pillow. While normal and healthy hair may shed, it should be only very little to none at all. When it sheds or breaks, it needs more moisture and is not elastic. Worse, you should definitely not see any bald patches in your head.

6. Natural Shine

Healthy hair draws compliments because not only does it feel soft, but it also is naturally shiny. Even if you try to achieve this by adding lots of oil, it will still not look so lustrous as if it was fully healthy. To check this, you should do it when you wash your hair after all products have been removed. If it looks dull then it is most likely unhealthy.

Get hair that looks like those in shampoo commercials by improving your hair regimen, making sure it gets a lot of moisture and protein. Once you do, you can see the results with beautiful, shiny and soft hair.

Author's Bio: 

Terry Shin is the director and owner of a top-notch Melbourne hair salon. He has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 10 years and has served satisfied thousands of satisfied clients.