It's hard, showing up alone in a new city, whether you're in town on business indefinitely or have relocated to a city permanently. It will be easy to succumb to the doubts, to stay in your shell, to let yourself feel overwhelmed by the circumstances, but the quickest and easiest way to meet new people is pretty simple. Follow these tips and you'll be the toast of the town in no time.

GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE - Bars, clubs, the local gym or the park, people are everywhere. You know best the types of people you get along with the interests you're likely to share, so make a list of those things and start frequenting them.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO BREAK THE ICE YOURSELF - Don't wait for people to introduce yourself, take the initiative. One of the best ice breakers is, in fact, saying to people you are interested in meeting that you are new town. People take it much easier on new faces in town, and will usually be eager to help you assimilate into the fabric of their town. The fact that you chose to come to the place they have long called home is often complimentary, and they will find themselves flattered.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO DISCUSS YOUR HOME TOWN - The new people you meet will likely be naturally curious about where you came from, so don't be shy about discussing your old city, but be wary of comparing your old town for your new one. Keep all observations between the two places neutral. You don't want to inadvertently insult your prospective new friends.

KNOW YOUR CONVERSATION SKILLS - Be confident in your new city, try not to be shy or awkward, and remember that meeting people in a new city will much the same as meeting your old friends in your old city was.

DON'T DWELL ON YOUR OLD CITY - While it's okay to discuss, especially when asked by the new people you will meet, don't dwell on it, and avoid being wistful or home sick. Always try to be forward thinking and positive about the possibilities offered by your new city.

ASK FOR SUGGESTIONS - Never be afraid to ask for suggestions on the best places to eat, the best bars, the best jogging trails and whatever else you may need. Arriving fresh in a new city is one of the few times it is acceptable to appear ignorant in conversation with other people. They don't expect you to be knowledge, and often they will be more than happy to assist in acclimating you to your new surroundings.

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