While traveling in an airline, I always find a few things that are very important for me. Recline or comfortable seats, complimentary food, legroom, and in-flight entertainment service. This might be a factor that most people overlook, but for me, it is one of the most important ones. The in-flight services should be really good because that makes your flying experience even better. There are a lot of airlines that provide a lot of in-flight services to their passengers, but some of them are exceptional in this feature. If you are looking for some of the best service providers in the arena, then here is the list of top 7 airline brands.
1. Emirates
This name is only enough for getting the insights. Known for exceptional services to provide utmost comfort to the onboard passenger, Emirates is one airline brand that has a plethora of services. Nominated and voted as the best in-flight service providers in the world for ten years, Emirates just keep getting better and better each year. From multi-cuisines to spacious seats, one can find anything and everything on their plane. So if you are traveling on flights to Boston, this is one of the best options that you can opt for. The screen on every seat allows the passengers to watch international television shows, sports, movies and much more. You can enjoy the songs as well.

2. Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways is not just a name; it is a brand. With my experience being good I would definitely give them a good rating when it comes to providing in-flight entertainment. Way back in summers 2015, the airlines developed a complete marvel’s world. It had approximately, 11 super-hero movies. So you can enjoy all these movies while onboard. Apart from this, there are about 2000 options for entertainment that are offered by Qatar Airways. This includes audio recordings, television shows, games and a lot of others. So enjoy your time in this flight service because I always do.

3. Singapore Airlines
As exotic cuisines the city gives, the airlines also provide the same amount. For all those who are traveling via Singapore Airlines, this is a great chance for you to enjoy not just their food and beverages but also their in-flight entertainment services. They have an eX2 gaming system, and they provide 3D games’ facility for the onboard passengers. Singapore Airlines was the first brand to bring out such a thing. If you are traveling with your friends, you can even challenge them for a game or two. The economy class travelers also get to enjoy the newly designed entertainment system from KrisWorld. They have also set up some innovative screens, a plethora of music and more than 80 movies.

4. Turkish Airlines
Another popular airline that has not just served people with great services and amenities but has also provided them with a lot of in-flight entertainment services is Turkish Airlines. This brand is well known in the world for catering to the services for the onboard passengers as they have a long list for it. Starting from dozens and dozens of Turkish blockbuster movies, you also get to enjoy various radio channels, entertaining games, television shows, a lot of popular documentaries, and much more. The audiobooks that are pre-installed in the entertainment section of the airlines, you can get to enjoy Pablo Neruda's Love Poems as well. Imagine flying in Turkish Airlines with your loved ones and listening to Pablo Neruda's Love Poems.

5. Qantas Airways
Talking about in-flight entertainment, Qantas is one name that can be left behind. If you still haven’t used their services, trust me you are missing out on something really very good. Qantas Airways is known to have a huge collection of entertainment options. If you are traveling in the A-380s, there is a huge collection of up to 1500 entertainment options. And you get to choose from them. Get a business class ticket of Qantas and enjoy their in-flight entertainment facilities.

6. Cathay Pacific Airways
Cathay Pacific Airways has a complete section of entertainment named as StudioCX which consists of the U.S as well as Asian movies for all the onboard passengers. From playlists to music to television episodes, you can get anything and everything here.

7. Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways is one brand that has equally taken care of kids as that of adults. From streaming 100+ movies, popular television episodes, more than 16 radio channels, they also have a wide range of games for kids. There are up to 60 games that kids can enjoy if at all they don’t want to watch anything or listen to music.

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