Moving home has always been hectic for most people. But if proper planning is done then moving home can be made less tumultuous. When you decide to move house then you must make a thorough plan which ensures hassle free moving. It is better to start planning your house Removalists Melbourne as soon as you sure of the date you are to make the move. Careful planning is imperative to make the house moving process hassle free and reduce the levels of stress.

Following these tips for moving house should help in making the process less complicated, as moving home is just not a matter that can be finalised in a day or two.

1. There are some aspects of house moving Melbourne that is time consuming and therefore arrangements for these should be made in good time. If you were renting, the landlords or roommates should be informed in time so that they can make any necessary arrangements. This will enable you to economize on time and money in certain cases. For example, you may be able to get your deposit back in time from the landlord of your previous rented home, which you can then use for the home move or home improvement for your new home. Even the electricity and gas providing companies should be intimated so that the necessary arrangements can be made. This timely information about your new home move will avoid any inconvenience later on. Even the phone billing address has to be changed to avoid disconnections and troubles.

2. Good packing and preparing is the next tip for moving house. Items which are not frequently used can be packed before hand to avoid last minute hassles. Things like books, photos, decorative, lampshades and off season goods and crockery should be packed in advance.

3. The fridges and freezers should be emptied and defrosted. If the distance is short then the contents can be left in the freezers for future use. Fragile items should be packed carefully and the box in which they are packed should be labelled fragile you will get fragile items removal tips from your movers or internet. So that the professional from the household moving company handles it with extra vigilance and its breakage can be avoided.

4. As the date of moving out approaches, hire a professional home moving service to make the process easy and simple. You can also arrange for the transit insurance if preferred. You should also arrange for the redirection of mails to your new mail address and also get your address changed for the purposes of local taxes if necessary.

5. You must try and pay the utility bills before the date of the move. Daily services like milk delivery, newspaper deliveries should be cancelled so that you do not get charged any unnecessary bills in the future.

6. The most important tip for moving house is to plan the date carefully as the majority of home moving is done on Fridays. You can always plan to move on another day besides Friday. In this way, you can expect better level of service from the home moving companies.

7. On the day of the house move, you should thoroughly go through your moving house checklist to ensure that nothing is left behind and that the doors and windows are locked and no electrical appliance is left switched on.

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