“In order to stand strong, we must empower the talented youth among us to dedicate their lives to scientific research and development. We must help them in any way possible, in all fields.” Those were the words of David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime minister. This philosophy has been the guiding principle and has now made Israel part of one of the most innovative countries in the world. Let us take a look at some key Israeli inventions that reflect the country's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Hardware: the USB stick

Back up a computer file or transfer a file or bring a computer file for a presentation? Once, not too long ago, we needed a CD or floppy disk for that.
The invention of the USB flash drive in the late 1990s by the Israeli technicians of M-Systems brought about a fundamental change. The USB stick fundamentally simplified the way we store digital information. In 2006 , SanDisk bought the company for approximately $ 1.3 billion.

Agritech: Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation marked a turning point in agricultural technology. Drip systems provide a uniform amount of water supply to plants and crops, improving yield while saving water resources and costs.
Netafim is the pioneer company that invented drip irrigation in the sixties of the last century and managed to revolutionize the agricultural sector. The technology is used in countless countries around the world.

Healthtech: PillCam

In 2001, Given Imaging became known as the first company in the world to develop a useful pill endoscopy technology that allowed physicians to perform gastrointestinal examination through a micro-camera. The pill, called PillCam, is for single use and is excreted by the body upon completion of the study.
Given Imaging, available in around 100 countries, has sold over three million camera pills to date.

Cleantech: WaterGen

The Israeli startup WaterGen developed a generator that removes the condensation from the air and turns it into clean drinking water. One generator is capable of producing 3000 litres of drinking water. In 2014, WaterGen provided thousands of residents with clean drinking water in the hurricane-hit cities of Houston and Miami.

Software: Waze

The popular Israeli navigation app Waze is a crowdsourced social platform that helps drivers find the fastest route to their destination. Waze was developed due to the shortcomings of traditional GPS systems that did not take into account events such as roadblocks, accidents, traffic jams etc.
The free service, which has been part of Google since 2013, is available in more than 180 countries and in about 50 languages. More than 100 million users rely on Waze every day to “outsmart traffic” and make their daily commute faster and more efficient.

Cybersecurity: The Digital Safe

When hackers bypass a firewall and enter the network, they can gain access to sensitive information.
To address these types of threats, Israel's CyberArk developed the digital vault application called Digital Vault: an account security solution that protects an organization's most sensitive data.

Food tech

When the Orri mandarin came on the market, it quickly became one of the best citrus fruits. The sweet taste and spicy aroma make this seedless easypaler the largest fruit export product in Israel. They are especially popular in France and Germany. And although China is the best citrus grower in the world, the Orri has also managed to conquer this country . The researchers at the Volcani Institute in Israel have cultivated a citrus fruit that is not only resistant to citrus greening, but also minimizes pest control and is environmentally sustainable. The Orri is regarded as one of the juiciest seasonings in the flourishing food-tech sector from Israel, which has already provided us with various solutions to make food tastier, more nutritious and sustainable.

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In order to stand strong, we must empower the talented youth among us to dedicate their lives to scientific research and development