You walk into the kitchen for a midday snack on a Saturday afternoon. As you open the fridge and grab the treat, you turn around and lock eyes with a small, furry beast.

Does this sound familiar?

It probably does, according to a research made by BPCA mice control is one of the most requested professional pest control services in the UK. Rodent treatments [mice, rats, squirrels] are around 40% of all pest control treatments provided in the country.

And there is a reason for it.

The numbers

The population of rodents in the UK now outnumbers 15 million. During 2018 cities in Britain were invaded by enormous poison-resistant rats. Last year, the British Pest Control Association saw an immense rise in rodent s invasion.

They say: “And while typically reports of rats and mice tend to drop in the summer months, the association says there’s been no slow-down in the number of call-outs to tackle rodents too.”

The reasons

The main reasons for the high percentage of pest infestation in the UK are the numerous old, wooden properties that are poorly maintained. Another factor that influences is the outdated drainage system across the country.

The above-mentioned facts can lead to moisture preferred by cockroaches and rodents, for example. Of course, bad hygiene, untreated garden and gutters are other possible reasons attracting unwanted vermins.

The damages

It’s essential for you to treat the infestation, no matter its scale due to the fact that pests cause formidable damages. For example, rodents can chew the electricity cables, damage buildings, dig holes in the walls, spread diseases, or bring fleas and parasites.

Insects are mostly annoying but some of them, such as bed bugs can bite and cause allergic reactions. Pests can even cause mental health problems like anxiety, insomnia or depression.


..why rely on professionals instead of trying DIY pest control methods?

There are cases when it turns out the pests are resistant to some pesticides. So instead of spending your money on expensive and dangerous chemicals which may do more harm than good, you better call out for a professional.

A professional pest controller knows the safest, most effective methods to eliminate pests that seem unstoppable, say the experts from Fantastic Services - a franchisor operating and providing professional household services like cleaning, gardening, handyman and pest control to more than 50,000 clients monthly across the UK and Australia.

If you’re dealing with pest issues below are the main benefits why it would be better to look into solving your problem with the help of a professional exterminator:

1. Pest control can be damaging to your health

The chemicals present in most pesticides can be dangerous to you and your family’s health. Chemicals of any sort can carry risk, and the type that can kill an insect can surely bring significant harm to you as well.

A professional pest exterminator will make sure to get rid of your pesky pest problem, but not at the cost of risking your and your household’s health. He will use modern equipment and have considerable knowledge to handle the issue in the right way.

2. The experts offer long-term solutions

You might spot some pests here and there while on a mission to resolve the problem yourself but they are not necessarily the only ones living in your home. Most certainly, you will not be able to identify the places where they live and hide.

For example, unseen mice nests, fleas on your pet’s belly, or bed bugs under the mattress. So, hiring an exterminator is an efficient option that will put an end to your struggles. He will come with a pest management plan and will be able to target every nook and corner of your home in order to secure a complete annihilation.

3. You will save time

You might go into the whole DIY pest control project thinking that it is far less time-consuming, but it might turn out to be quite the opposite.

Rather than wasting time, effort, and money on attempts that could easily fail, it would be much more time-efficient to leave your problems to a professional pest control company.

For example, they will make sure all rodent-size holes and cavities are blocked using expanding foam, sealants and wool wire. In addition to that, a professional pest company will be able to provide you with a handyman service as well for larger holes and cracks. Toreducethe stress from infestation and preserve the good and healthy looks of our customer properties we offer additional services such as general cleaning and sanitization (usually performed a few days after the treatments), Handyman, electrical, painting and other property maintenance solutions depending on the damages caused. This way our clients don’t have to worry about anything - says Stanislav Yordanov pest control service manager at Fantastic Services.

4. The cost-effective solution

If you think hiring trained and skillful pest controllers might seem more expensive, there is a big chance you are wrong. It can actually turn out to be the much cheaper option.

A lot of homeowners keep buying repellents such as sprays and baits to keep the pests at bay, in failed attempts to get rid of them. The failure of DIY pest control could, in fact, worsen your problem. The constant efforts to gather the best treatment will have you run out on more money than hiring an exterminator.

And these are not the only expenses we’re talking about. Think about the damages some pests can cause to your home:

  • Rodents are a threat to your electrical installation. For example, damaged wires can cause appliances failures, not to mention house fires. They can also damage your house insulation.
  • Woodworms spread fast, they are hard to detect and can lead to structural damages of your house, or ruin wooden furniture. And to fix such damages you would spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.
  • Birds might not look scary but the damages they cause are colossal. Their droppings contain an acid which is a corrosive substance and can damage your roof, car, machinery, balcony or parts of the house, made from sandstone or limestone. In addition to this, bird faeces might cause a cockroach infestation.

5. Inner comfort

Having pests around can cause discomfort to you, your family and pets. Even if you’ve tried pest treatment on yourself you’ll still have concerns is the pest finally gone.

You might still imagine that a bug is biting you or a mice is squeaking within the walls. Your children can be worried about their security during the night, as well.

So, for the peace of your mind, the professional pest controllers will monitor their work after several months and if necessary they’ll take further actions.

6. Pest experts got all the right answers

You’ve probably read all the information about pest control methods, products, diseases and many more related topics. Remember that not everything proposed should be considered true and can mislead you.

Hiring pest exterminators will provide you with professional advice on how to prevent future infestations. Furthermore, if you’re curious about the pest’s behaviour, diet, hiding places, how did they get in your property or other useful information, the specialist can thoroughly explain everything.

7. Pest prevention tips from an expert

You cannot rely on the treatment itself but also have to take precautionary measures before an infestation arises. Remember that no matter how powerful, efficient and reliable was the treatment, it won’t guarantee you got rid of the pests forever. For example, mice will eventually be attracted to the trash you keep leaving outside.

So, here are the top prevention tips you should follow strictly:

  • Maintaincracks and holes: they are the main rodents entry points.
  • Keep your property clean: this is a vicious recommendation because grimy and messy environment attracts all types of pests. If you leave fruit or veggies

on the counter they might be struck by mice, rats, flies, ants and more. Pay special attention to the kitchen where you eat and store food! Cockroaches love food crumbs, so clean the worktop, tables and floors regularly. If you leave the place dusty, it will attract bugs like fleas, moths or carpet beetles.

  • Repair the roof and gutters: if not well maintained, they can provide access to wasps, squirrels or pigeons.
  • Installanetagainstinsectsondoorsandwindows: If you don’t have protection during summer days and nights all mosquitos, flies, ants or wasps will easily enter.
  • Maintain the garden: if you have a garden, make sure to trim the trees, mow the grass, store the firewood properly and don’t leave compost outside. Garden is the perfect place where pests have a food source, hiding locations, and breeding areas.

Key Takeaways

  1. Over the counter, pesticides and DIY methods require research, time, and money and are often ineffective;
  2. Even if they are effective, you need to know how to use them and where to apply them; how often to change them;
  3. Most pesticides are dangerous for pets and children; Even the ones sold to you without requiring a license;
  4. Even if you don't have pets or children, you rarely know what pest you're dealing with; and are not competent enough to do a thorough inspection of your home.
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