Prepare the trading plan in advance and follow-up - Successful traders will always be ready for the entry and exit points of the trade. This protects you from making decisions that are impulsive and do not take into account all factors.

Write a diary - write down when and how you traded so you can look back at your decision.

Tracking relevant news and ignoring the distracting factors - there is always something going on in the 24x7 hour global diversified news era. At least that's what news channels and journalists want you to believe. Filter out the noise and focus only on events that affect the position you are using.

Keep your heart and brain healthy - the market is a despicable competition, not just a brain challenge. Good traders know that you have to take good care of your health, which will affect your decision making, attention, and patience in trading. Night-night trading can only lead to fatigue and more errors.

Do not trade after a huge loss - everyone has a position that causes huge losses. In any case, good traders know that what they should avoid is actually the consequence of this position - trading in anger and frustration. This is even the time to make more serious mistakes. It is better to step back and calm down.

Learn from a consistent winner- a well-structured and knowledgeable mix of market and transactional knowledge at your fingertips. The risk lies in who introduced it to you - why do they share an anti-hazard system, is there a mystery? The truth is that anyone can make a profit in the market, but rarely can sustain long-term trading profits. We should all learn from them.

Committed to effective decision making - Rather than constantly looking for "the next big thing", you should stick to it if you have found an effective decision. The main reason behind the successful forex trader that is they use either one or two technologies, nothing else Changing the style multiple times blurs the photo and doesn't allow you to focus on the decision that's right for you.

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