Have you messed up with your partner by doing or saying something? It's time to convey your apologies to them. Your partner should know that you are apologizing from your heart. The act of apologizing means you will never repeat the mistake you did ever again. Though it was intended or happened by accident, apologizing to the opponent shows that you are not happy with what you did. If you do not apologize, then the consequences of it will be adverse in some cases. Psychologists recommend several steps for apologizing to the opponent. They are, Initially, you should express a distressing emotion for your mistake. After that, you should admit your mistake. Then you can ask your partner that if you can do anything to make that situation right or better. At last, you have to promise them that it will not happen again in the future.

Nowadays, couples are finding funny and exciting ways to say sorry to their partner. Some prefer to taking them to a place they love, some people give them goodies(like chocolates, candies, nuts, etc.), while some prefer social media to convey their apologies. You should choose one platform, in which your partner is active. The couple's recent trend is apologizing in TikTok. As we all know, TikTok has hashtags, which help the users to share the content and to find the respective content.

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In TikTok, people usually share videos that are lip-synced with the audio available. If you search for a hashtag named apology, it brings you tons of videos. You create your videos with the music, which you think is emotionally deep. It really works if you are in a long-distance relationship. Tiktok helps you to share the emotional experience together. If couples spend time separately on social media, it is believed that it brings a negative effect on their relationship. But TikTok gives you both the opportunity to stick around to create videos that enhances the mood.

Couples share their happy and sad moments on social media. Many psychologists claim that being in TikTok will bring the couples closer. Tiktok has the ability to elevate your mood through laughter. There is a chance for social media to eat your quality time. But being in TikTok, you can spend time together and make creative and funny videos. It not only increases the closeness between the couples but also increases the quality time couples spend with each other. As it gives both of you a break from your regular routine, you both will get a fresh mind.

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