Millions of women every year ask this same question as the rate of infidelity grows. Dealing with a cheating husband is undoubtedly one of the hardest things any woman will ever have to cope with in her lifetime, but no matter how difficult it is, the sun does rise again. Every day becomes a little easier and each tear begins to dry. You can get through this process much faster by using the 7 tips we have to offer you on ways to deal with a cheating husband. You may just find this information invaluable as you weather the storm.

1. Have Your Facts Straight

Women have an innate intuition; they automatically know when something is wrong and tend to follow up on it. If you suspect your husband is cheating and recognize some of the signs, you may begin probing further. Until you have enough evidence to stand behind your accusations, though, do not make any rash decisions. This will only make the situation worse for you, your husband and any children you have. The truth always comes out, and waiting for it guarantees you do not second guess any rash choices you have made.

2. Confront Your Husband

Once you have what you believe are enough facts to stand behind your intuition, it is time to confront him. Although your emotions are running high, stay as calm as possible and prepare yourself for the worst. Ask him about the affair, and tell him why you believe he is having one. You then give him the opportunity to explain why. Remember, though, nothing justifies his actions.

3. Talk About the Short-Term

Once he has admitted his wrong-doing, you must talk about the status of your relationship at this point in time. Do not make any long-term plans, however, you must find out if he has done this because he is no longer in love with you, or if he was just unhappy in the moment. Perhaps you need time apart for a while. These are immediate decisions you need to make, not only for the two of you, but for your children as well.

4. Form a Support Group

You are not going to get through this time in your life unless you have a strong group of friends or family to help you through. Many emotions are going to take control: anger, rage, sadness, fear, hopelessness and depression. You cannot isolate yourself now, you have to work through it day by day. You may even want to consider counseling regardless of what you and your husband are thinking about doing long-term.

5. Can You Forgive Him?

Many relationships can--and have--survived cheating, but only you can decide if you are able to forgive him and move forward. If he has told you it was a mistake, he still loves you and wants to see a marriage counselor, the ball rests in your court. Do you personally feel you can overcome this kind of betrayal? Only you can answer this question. Perhaps going to a marriage counselor will give you the answer you need. During this time, though, it is highly recommended that you live separately.

6. Continue Living

As difficult as it may be, you need to get up each day and live life as you did before you discovered your husband was cheating on you. Life does go on, and believe it or not, the sooner you jump back into your normal routine, the easier life will get for you. Once more, you must also consider your children during this time. They need you to be there for them.

7. Move Forward

If after weeks or months of marriage counseling you decide you cannot trust your husband again no matter how many changes he has attempted to make, it is okay. Do not let him make you feel guilty. Keep in mind that he was the one who brought the situation upon the two of you, not you. He was the one who broke your trust, not you. It is imperative for you to do what is best for all involved, and reengaging in a marriage where trust does not exist is the absolute worst choice of all. Cut your losses and move forward as the strong, independent woman you are.

Infidelity is not only heartbreaking but shameful. It destroys beautiful relationships and ruins millions of families each years. So many people have to live with the regret their indiscretion caused, but those around them must live with the hurt. Knowing how to deal with a husband who has cheated is the most important part of regaining control of your life in the aftermath of the destruction he has created.

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