One of the ways to apply the law of attraction in your life is to visualize your desires. This was discussed in the movie, The Secret but the technique of how to visualize was not mentioned. Here are the 7 steps to visualize so you can apply the law of attraction.

Step 1 - Decide what you want to visualize

Whenever you start to visualize, you should always have a goal or goals of what you want to attract. Say for example, during your lunch break, you want to visualize about 2 things: Enjoying a good night out with your family tonight and also doing a spectacular job with the project you're currently working on.

Step 2 - Find a quiet place

Find a quiet place where you will have no distractions from anyone. A lot of the times, I will choose places like the bed, before and when I wake up, or my home study room where I know I won't be disturbed.

Step 3 - Clear your mind

Before you visualize you should first clear your mind of whatever distractions you have. If you are worried about a report or a meeting, sit down, relax and stop thinking about these distractions.

Step 4 - Close your eyes and start imagining

Close your eyes so that you are very relaxed and start thinking about your desires. Imagine yourself how you are behaving at the end result of your desire. If you are desiring a car, think about driving the car and the places you are going to.

Step 5 - Feel the Visualization

The most important part is to feel the visualization. Notice how you are reacting when you are living out your desire. Notice how happy you are when driving your new car. The feeling of the steering wheel, the smell of the petrol, the music coming out of the CD system. It is these feelings that are making you give off good vibrations to the universe.

Step 6 - Open your eyes

Then come out of the visualization. If you have been visualizing properly, you will feel as though what happened was real. This is the feeling you want. Every time you visualize try to get this feeling at the end.

Step 7 - Continue

When you are up and about during work or at home, continue to act as though you are living your desire. Act as though you already own the new car, already got promoted, already going on holiday with your family.

By following these 7 steps, you have truly mastered visualization and know how to apply the law of attraction effectively using visualization. There are more techniques to the law of attraction of course, and you should continue to read more on this topic such as the reasons why law of attraction doesn't work.

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