It is important to set yourself up for success. Repeated so-called failures can show up the same learning lessons, of which you may have difficulty recognizing. Despite detailed goal setting, planning and all, it is possible that you have been unconsciously sabotaging yourself. It may well be the case that you have been taking actions or behavior that have reduced your chances of success. Here are a few suggestions on setting yourself up for success:

1. Harness Your Talents. Play up your strengths. If you are particularly good at something, think of ways that you can express them. There can be multiple ways of expressing any natural talent or ability. Consider spending time honing your skills in that talent. Even the greatest pianist needs to spend hours practicing before a concert performance.

2. Identify Patterns. If you find yourself repeatedly meeting up with failures, look to see if there is a similar pattern. There usually is. It can well be a weakness in a particular area or a gap that you have not plugged. Not just on the business or work front, you need to do some self examination. For instance, difficulties in expressing yourself can affect your relationships on all fronts.

3. Get Support. No one single person is an island. If you are having trouble accomplishing your task or achieving a goal, ask for help in the way of support. Find the support and resources you need for success and use them. When you start out, it helps to get all the assistance that you can find. Receiving encouragement from positive-minded friends can also be extremely helpful.

4. Set A Direction. Have an idea where you are heading towards. Allow for flexibility since plans can change. You can also consider tuning in to your intuition as an internal guiding system on your next natural step. In short, engage the faculties of your spiritual resources as well.

5. Set Deadlines that Are Reasonable. One of the stresses that you may get yourself into is the setting up of impossible datelines. Unrealistic timelines introduce the possibility of failure into the equation. If you are too far away from your desired goal or dream, then you need to give time allowance to reaching it.

6. Remove Fears to Success. Oddly, you may also be afraid of stepping up to success. You may be fearful of the implications of what success means. For instance, you may not like the idea of having to work longer hours or having to make public appearances. You worry too much about the future. It is a good idea to examine the reasons of why you are doing what you are doing. If your goal is fueled by a dream to help others for the greater good of all, you will find it easier to come into alignment.

7. Be Authentic. If you are true to who you are, success usually follows more easily. Those who are successful are usually very authentic people. Their inner Being drives their outer purpose. They do not derive their sense of self from the opinions and acceptance of others. It may mean that they may initially take unconventional paths. However, these paths resonate very well with the truth of their Being. They are usually leaders rather than followers. Others are naturally attracted to them as a result.

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