Stop! Take a few seconds and look around you… What do you see?
You may be at your office, or in your home, maybe you’re at the beach with your laptop. Wherever you are, what do you see, I mean really see? piles of stuff? Arranged décor? Work to do? The waves lapping at the shore..? As you look with a critical eye notice everything.
Do you hear a clock ticking? Kids playing? Dogs barking? The breeze blowing through the trees?
How do these sights and sounds make you feel? Does it make feel at peace, irritated, happy, anxious?
I have heard it said, “The atmosphere you create determines the product you produce.” Here are seven keys to energized your atmosphere:

1. Awareness
As habitual humans, when we allow irritating things to go on over time we cease to consciously recognize them. But at a subconscious level, they continue to frustrate us. Then they block our positive creative nature. We start to lose energy and motivation and we don’t even know why?
When you are attentive to what’s going on around you, you will recognize that which needs to change. Change to what? What kind of atmosphere motivates you, encourages you, ignites your passion? Maybe you desire a peaceful retreat? The point is to become aware of that which you desire to produce.

2. Order
Order is the particular arrangement of things. In the beginning, God brought order into the universe. We are created for order. It will bring peace, motivation and pleasure into our life. Energy flows freely with order, disorder creates scattered energy.
When you look around is everything orderly? Does everything have its place? Do you take the extra few seconds and put away your shoes or coat? Do you use a filing cabinet and letter trays? When you look around are the cords to the lamps, computers, and other electrical things either hidden or tidy and unnoticeable?

3. Declarations and Affirmations
The word declare (or decree) means “to decide, predetermine, and declare the outcome of a matter before it comes to pass.” A declaration has the power to establish your desired change. It is stating you have intention of doing or being something different that currently exists.
An affirmation is a statement that you make to yourself. Everyone uses them intentionally or unintentionally. Stating affirmation with intent of what you desire has the power to change your outcome.
So just what have you been affirming and declaring? Become more AWARE of what comes out of your mouth. Words affect the atmosphere around you. God’s word created the world – your words create your world.

4. Color and Light
Light is the only energy we can see, and we see it in the form of color. Color is everywhere on the planet and in every part of our daily lives. Each ray of color has a specific vibration and wavelength creating a different and unique atmosphere.
Make sure to utilize color to create your perfect setting.
Sunlight has a rejuvenation effect on the body and this is why so many people flock to the lower latitudes to bask in the sunshine! Let the Sunshine in!
Plants bring a form of living color. They add balance, beauty, texture, but beyond that they are therapeutic. Be advised – Take proper care of you plants - droopy anemic plants do not create good atmosphere.
The lighting you create around your home and office create atmosphere. Up lighting in a room can add a dramatic affect creating beautiful shadows. Dimmers can constantly be changing the mood and energy of your space. They are worth your time and effort. One more thing candles burning relax the atmosphere.

5. Sounds
What are the positive sounds to energize your environment? The natural sound of water creates wonderful atmosphere. Indoor fountains are easy to find and very affordable. There are also cds with the sounds of nature available. Some of the cable and satellite companies have several radio stations with every kind of music imaginable! Pick the sound that adds the perfect ambience to your space.

6. Aroma
Aromas affect us on a subliminal level, this is one of the reasons we underestimate its power. Supposedly, it is the only sense that has a direct link to memory. There is scientific proof relating to how the brain works that substantiates this. I am certain it’s true. When I walk into the fish section at the market I am instantly back at the wharf. My daughters think I’m “out there” and I am…. I’m back at the ocean and I love it!
The scent of something fresh and natural, like fresh cut flowers or water from your water fountain creates an atmosphere of freedom and cleanliness.
What scent will assist your ideal atmosphere? Identify it and then add it to your desired location. Remember you want the smell to envelope you, not to knock you down and take you captive. Unless of course, it’s a luscious dinner cooking!

7. Props
Once you have become aware, created order, identified your desired atmosphere, set the light and color, turned on the sounds, brought in the aroma, it’s time for the finishing touches. Using themed props is the ideal way to enhance the feel you’re looking for. Some things you might consider are pictures, paintings, books, magazines, and other related décor. The most important thing to remember is to keep the theme. This strengthens the desired energy.
One more point to ponder is your desired outcome. For example, let’s say you desire to be a professional photographer – some of the best props are your camera, tripod, photos, photographer’s handbooks, photo magazines etc… Strategically place them so that you see them as part of who you are. Keep this example in mind for any desired goal.
Creating atmosphere on purpose will energize your life!

Author's Bio: 

Kathy Neisess is a unique encourager. She is highly intuitive. Her passion is creating tools to transform the mind with happy thoughts and magical atmosphere. Her degree is in Biblical Counseling and believes in the Law of Attraction as well as other Spiritual Laws. She is not your stereo-typical gal!